Alaska GFRC Projects

Alaska Area GFRC Projects

Pacific Region GFRC Projects: Medford Library, Medford, Oregon

Although Alaska is the largest state in the country, this part of the Great White North is also the least densely populated. Temperatures in parts of Alaska can fall to below -60 degrees Fahrenheit during the long winter months. The buildings in Alaska–like the people–need to be rugged to thrive.
The GFRC used by Stromberg Architectural is durable enough to be installed outdoors year-round, yet attractive enough to grace the interiors of the most luxurious homes, hotels, and resorts around.

Alaska GFRC Services Provided by Stromberg Architectural

Our Alaska GFRC services include both new construction and GFRC renovation/restoration.
Stromberg can help clients in Alaska create or improve an exterior or interior design by crafting totally new elements in an array of shapes, textures, and colors. Choose from literally dozens of products, including GFRC security bollards, GFRC benches, GFRC fireplaces, and GFRC signage. We aren’t exaggerating when we say we have the largest selection of GFRC on Earth.
If time and the harsh weather conditions of Alaska have damaged a beloved community building, business, or home, Stromberg can use GFRC to achieve a seamless match for a variety of materials. In this way, we can perform GFRC restorations or repairs that blend in with the rest of the structure. Our GFRC restoration process also allows us to preserve as much of the original structure as possible.

Advantages of Using GFRC for Your Next Project in Alaska

  • Suitable for outdoor use, even in areas with severe weather and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Will not rust, rot, or corrode when exposed to moisture
  • Can be placed in coastal regions of Alaska since it can withstand exposure to salt spray
  • Many possible looks and styles to create the effect you want

Stromberg Architectural is Here to Help, Wherever You Are in Alaska. We Provide:

Anchorage GFRC, Juneau gfrc, GFRC Fairbanks, College GFRC, Sitka GFRC, Ketchikan GFRC, Knik GFRC, Kenai GFRC, Lakes GFRC, Kodiak GFRC, and more.
To learn more about the benefits and possible applications of our GFRC, which is tough enough to withstand even the winters of Alaska, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. We also provide free initial consultations to help all potential clients make an informed decision. To arrange yours, call us at (903)-454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of our site.

New Mexico GFRC Projects

New Mexico Area GFRC

Western Region GFRC: Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Colorado

A large proportion of the population in this land of mountains, plains, and deserts is of Spanish and Native American descent. It’s not just the land forms and the people here that are intriguing, though. The “Land of Enchantment” also has architectural works that are quite different from anything else you’ll find in the United States. Many buildings are constructed in the unmistakable Pueblo style, and have a distinct Southwest flair.

The original Pueblo homes were built from bricks made of a mixture of grass and clay, but today advanced composites such as the GFRC used by Stromberg Architectural can be used to achieve a very similar look. If you choose to partner with Stromberg, we will work closely with you during your GFRC New Mexico project, taking the time to thoroughly understand your vision so the end result will be perfect down to every last detail.

Featured New Mexico GFRC Projects

  • Santa Fe GFRC: New Mexico Governor’s Mansion, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Upham GFRC: Spaceport America, Upham, NM
  • Rio Rancho GFRC: Wal-Mart, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

GFRC New Mexico Services Provided by Stromberg Architectural

  • Assistance creating custom GFRC designs
  • Production of GFRC elements–choose from GFRC columns, GFRC sculptures, GFRC niches, and many more
  • Creation of 3-D models and maquettes
  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • GFRC installation (ask about availability)

Get GFRC Elements Custom Made to Meet Your Needs, no Matter Where You Are in New Mexico. We Provide:

Albuquerque GFRC, Las Cruces GFRC, Santa Fe GFRC, GFRC Rio Rancho, gfrc Roswell, South Valley GFRC, Farmington GFRC, Alamogordo GFRC, Clovis GFRC, Hobbs GFRC, and more.

Regardless of whether you live in the largest city in New Mexico or one of its smallest towns, Stromberg Architectural is here to help. Visit the Stromberg Architectural website to learn more about the advantages of GFRC and the services we offer our clients, which include detailing GFRC, shipping GFRC, and specifying GFRC. If you’re interested in discussing your GFRC needs in-depth with a representative, contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. We can be reached by phone at (903)-454-0904 or through the contact page of our site.

Idaho GFRC Projects

Idaho Area GFRC Projects

Western Region GFRC: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Idaho is known as the Gem State because many different types of precious rock have been located beneath the surface here. Above ground, stones such as marble have been used to create fantastic structures such as the Idaho State Capitol building.

Stromberg’s GFRC may not be able to be finished to look exactly like purple amethyst, but our production professionals do know how to flawlessly replicate the appearance of marble, terra cotta, limestone, and other traditional building materials. Using GFRC, we can assist you in creating single elements or completely transforming a structure into an architectural “jewel.”

Idaho GFRC Project Types

The massive number of shapes, textures, and colors that are possible with GFRC make it ideal for a wide array of applications. These include:

  • Hospitals
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Cemeteries
  • Swimming pools
  • Courthouses
  • Police stations
  • Shopping malls

Why Our Product is Fantastic For Those Searching For GFRC for Designers, Contractors, Masons, or Architects

For design and construction professionals, the many advantages of GFRC can translate into higher rates of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  • GFRC weighs just a fraction of solid concrete, which makes transporting and installing GFRC relatively quick and easy
  • GFRC can be finished to replicate a variety of traditional building materials, including terra cotta and granite
  • GFRC offers an amazing number of design options–elements can feature everything from cast-in textures to dramatic curves

Stromberg Architectural Can Work With Clients in Any of Idaho’s Towns or Cities. We Offer:

Boise GFRC, Nampa GFRC, Pocatello GFRC, Idaho Falls gfrc, GFRC Meridian, Coeur d’Alene GFRC, gfrc Twin Falls, GFRC Caldwell, Moscow GFRC, Rexburg GFRC, and more.

The Stromberg Architectural website can give you the GFRC information you need to make an informed decision about which GFRC manufacturer to work with. Here, you will find hundreds of GFRC photos showcasing our dozens of products as well as technical information such as GFRC specifications. Any questions you still have after visiting us online can be addressed by a knowledgeable representative during a no-charge, no-obligation initial consultation. Arranging one is easy. Just call us at (903)-454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of our site.

Arkansas GFRC Projects

Arkansas Area GFRC Projects

Southern Region GFRC: Old Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas

Arkansas may be known as the “Natural State,” but some of the man-made sights here are just as impressive in their own way as the lakes, forests, and national parks. Famous architects such as E. Fay Jones, Edward Durrell Stone, and Charles L. Thompson made their mark on Arkansas by designing convention centers, stadiums, houses of worship, and homes.

If you are an Arkansas architect or designer and you want to completely change the look of a building, restore a historic structure, or create an interior or outdoor design from the ground up, Stromberg Architectural can help. Our GFRC is versatile, lightweight, durable, and gorgeous, and offers endless design possibilities so you too can create an unforgettable impression.

Featured Arkansas GFRC Projects

  • Little Rock GFRC: Entergy Arkansas, Inc. Headquarters, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Siloam Springs GFRC: John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR

Why Stromberg Architectural Should be Your First Choice if You Need Custom Elements For a Arkansas GFRC Project

  • We will consider all of your needs when planning a custom Arkansas GFRC project: shape, texture, and color requirements, as well as your desired time line for completion and GFRC budget
  • We can work from a computer-generated drawing, a photograph, or even a rough hand-drawn sketch
  • We provide numerous services before production ever begins, including specifying GFRC and assisting with connection details and drawings
  • Our custom GFRC development process is designed so that you will be closely involved throughout the process (and delighted with the final result)

Take Advantage of All Our GFRC Services Wherever You Are in The State of Arkansas:

Little Rock GFRC, Fort Smith GFRC, North Little Rock GFRC, gfrc Fayetteville, Jonesboro GFRC, Pine Bluff GFRC, Springdale GFRC, GFRC Rogers, Hot Springs GFRC, Jacksonville GFRC, and more.

With the help of Stromberg, you can craft a design that will look at home alongside works by the state’s most eminent architects and designers. Whether you need a single planter or dozens of classical GFRC columns, you can learn more about our products and services by visiting the Stromberg Architectural website. To help you narrow down your list of potential GFRC manufacturers to just one, we offer free initial consultations and estimates. Call us at (903)-454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of our site to get started.

Kentucky GFRC Projects

Kentucky Area GFRC Projects

South GFRC Projects: Stephen F. Austin University Student Center, Nacogdoches, Texas

The rugged land and hundreds of picturesque horse farms in the Bluegrass State (otherwise known as Kentucky) exist alongside a large number of historic landmarks and sites. In Frankfort alone, the Georgian, Greek Revival, Prairie School, and Federal styles are represented by buildings such as the Frankfort School, the Old Governor’s Mansion, and the Rev. Jesse R. Zeigler House.

Your Kentucky GFRC project might call for a partner that has a knowledge of one of the architectural styles mentioned above, and Stromberg meets this requirement and many others. Using our versatile GFRC, our proven design process, and our knowledge of modern and traditional architectural styles, we can make your GFRC Kentucky project a triumph for you and your client.

Featured Kentucy GFRC Projects

Stromberg’s notable Kentucky GFRC projects have involved completing work for a courthouse and the largest retail giant in the world. Other past clients and commissions include hospitals, office buildings, themed resorts, and private homes.

  • Carrollton GFRC: William L. Wheller Hall of Justice, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • Louisville GFRC: Wal-Mart, Louisville, KY

What You Need to Know About Stromberg if You Are Searching For a GFRC Manufacturer

  • Stromberg offers a number of services aside from GFRC manufacturing, including designing GFRC connection details and completing load to structure calculations
  • Stromberg has a proven track record of successful GFRC projects in Kentucky and many other locations worldwide–we’ve been in business for almost 30 years and have completed more than 1,600 projects and counting
  • By working directly with the manufacturer, you may be able to complete your GFRC Kentucky project for less than you expected
  • We have the largest capacity and offer the largest selection of GFRC of any manufacturer

Stromberg Architectural Offers Local GFRC Service to The Entire State of Kentucky:

Lexington GFRC, GFRC Louisville, Owensboro GFRC, Bowling Green gfrc, Covington GFRC, Hopkinsville GFRC, gfrc Frankfort, GFRC Henderson, Richmond GFRC, Jeffersontown GFRC, and more.

Visit the Stromberg Architectural website to access GFRC resources that can help you finalize your GFRC ideas for a project in Kentucky and learn more about how we can help make it a success. For answers to your GFRC questions or to arrange a free initial consultation, contact us. We can be reached by phone at (903)-454-0904 or through the contact page on our site.

Louisiana GFRC Projects

Louisiana Area GFRC Projects

South Area GFRC Projects: George Bush Airport, Houston, Texas

Creole cuisine, Mardi Gras, and jazz…Louisiana is a state that has a spirit and vibe all its own. Its larger metropolitan areas have skyscrapers, sports arenas, and shopping plazas, but plenty of swamps and mysterious bayous can still be found in the Pelican State. Unfortunately, Louisiana also has the distinction of being where several devastating hurricanes made landfall.

When you need architectural elements with all the uniqueness and flair of Louisiana itself that also have the robustness to stand up to the state’s sometimes harsh climate and extreme weather events, Stromberg is your best source for affordable GFRC. We can use molds to achieve an almost endless array of looks, and you’ll also get GFRC that has stood up to category-5 hurricane wind speeds in the lab and in the real world.

Featured Louisiana Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Projects

  • Lafayette GFRC: Cajundome, Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Shreveport GFRC: Creswell Elementary School, Shreveport, LA
  • Alexandria GFRC: La Quinta Inn, Alexandria. Louisiana

Reasons to Partner With Stromberg Architectural For Your Louisiana GFRC Project

  • More than 1,600 projects and 25 years of experience
  • The largest selection of shapes, textures, and finishes of any manufacturer
  • The capacity to handle GFRC projects of any size and scope
  • Over 85% of our business comes from repeat clients
  • The ability to produce one-of-a-kind custom works
  • A proven work flow system to complete your Louisiana GFRC project in a timely manner

Stromberg Can Offer Local GFRC Service to The Entire State of Louisiana. We Provide:

New Orleans GFRC, Baton Rouge GFRC, Shreveport GFRC, Metairie GFRC, Lafayette GFRC, Lake Charles GFRC, Kenner GFRC, Bossier City GFRC, Monroe GFRC, Alexandria GFRC, and more.

The Stromberg Architectural website contains hundreds of GFRC photos to help you nail down a vision for your Louisiana GFRC project and get an idea of the level of selection we can offer you. To get more GFRC information or arrange a free consultation to find out more about our GFRC pricing and our production process, contact us by phone at (903)-454-0904 or fill out the contact form on our site.

Montana GFRC Projects

Montana Area GFRC Projects

West Area GFRC: Orleans Casino, Las Vegas, NV

When people want to escape the city and take in the splendor of the great outdoors, they flock to Montana. “The Treasure State” is home to many natural gems, including Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. There are also a few impressive man-made wonders in this former part of the Wild West. The Montana State Capitol in Helena was built in the Neoclassical style, was constructed using sandstone and granite, and boasts an enchanting interior dome. Stromberg Architectural has a knowledge of the conventions of the Neoclassical style and others, and interior domes are just one of the dozens of elements we offer. Using GFRC, we can recreate certain aspects of an architectural masterpiece or completely restore a building that is rich in tradition and history.

Featured Montana GFRC Projects

Whether you need understated GFRC planters for a bank or a courthouse in Montana, or extravagant GFRC signage for a restaurant or other type of business, we can expertly meet your needs.

  • Havre GFRC: Hill County Courthouse, Havre, MT
  • Bozeman GFRC: F & H Building, Bozeman, Montana
  • Billings GFRC: Stockman Bank, Billings, MT

Montana GFRC Services Offered By Stromberg

While GFRC manufacturing is a big part of our business, it’s far from all we do. Choose Stromberg Architectural to help you complete your GFRC Montana project and you’ll also be able to take advantage of the following services:

  • GFRC custom design assistance
  • GFRC detailing and GFRC shipping
  • CAD drawings and models
  • Load to structure calculations
  • GFRC installation (check about availability in your area)

Elements For Your Montana GFRC Project

  • GFRC security bollards
  • GFRC brackets
  • GFRC door surrounds
  • GFRC lintels
  • GFRC niches
  • GFRC wall caps
  • And many more!

Stromberg Architectural’s GFRC Options Are Available to Individuals in All Areas of Montana. We Provide:

Billings GFRC, Missoula GFRC, Great Falls GFRC, Butte GFRC, Bozeman gfrc, GFRC Helena, Kalispell GFRC, Havre GFRC, Anaconda GFRC, Miles City GFRC, and more.

The Stromberg Architectural website will tell you more about the main advantages of GFRC. You can also access GFRC specifications and request GFRC samples. When you’re ready to take the next step and begin planning your GFRC Montana project, we can provide you with a no-charge, no-obligation initial consultation. Contact us by phone at (903)-454-0904 or through the contact page on our site to get started.

Utah GFRC Projects

Utah Area GFRC Projects

Utah GFRC Projects: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is a western state that has both densely populated cities as well as huge expanses of land that are completely uninhabited. The Beehive State is strongly associated with Mormonism, and for good reason. Roughly 60 percent of Utah residents belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Because of the strong role of religion here, it’s not surprising that some of the most remarkable buildings are houses of worship.

Stromberg Architectural has worked on numerous churches throughout the world, as well as commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, and trendy shopping plazas. Using our experience and our expertise, we can make your Utah GFRC project a success.

Featured GFRC Utah Projects

Salt Lake City GFRC: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Elements Supplied by Stromberg: GFRC bollards, GFRC columns, GFRC panels, GFRC wall caps, GFRC trim, GFRC window sills, and GFRC banding
Stromberg crafted a wide range of elements during this large Utah GFRC project, from GFRC bollards to provide security, to GFRC panels to complement the existing masonry work found on the exterior of the building. Our production space and proven work-flow process allow us to complete projects such as this one that are very large in scope quickly and efficiently.

Why Stromberg Architectural Should be Your First Choice if You’re Searching for GFRC for Engineers, Architects, or Contractors

  • Get assistance from the largest working team of artisans, designers, master craftsmen, and production professionals in the industry
  • Enjoy access to the world’s largest collection of GFRC designs, elements, and textures
  • Our professionals love a challenge–get help resolving even extremely complex GFRC design issues
  • Enjoy fair prices and comprehensive support when you buy GFRC from us

Stromberg Architectural Can Partner With Clients in All Areas of Utah:

Salt Lake City GFRC, West Valley City GFRC, Provo gfrc, GFRC Sandy, gfrc Orem, Ogden GFRC, West Jordon GFRC, Layton GFRC, Taylorsville GFRC, Saint George GFRC, and others.

To discover why there are few materials better than GFRC if you’re looking for strength, durability, and versatility, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. If you are interested in discussing your Utah GFRC project with one of our representatives, we can provide a free initial consultation. Contact us at (903)-454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of our site to get started.

West Virginia GFRC Projects

West Virginia Area GFRC Projects

South Area GFRC Projects: Galleria Tower II, Houston, Texas

Nicknamed the “Mountain State” because of its location within the Appalachian Mountain Range, West Virginia is home to many historic pieces of architecture. Downtown Martinsburg, for instance, has 281 buildings, many constructed in the Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and Italianate styles. The area was added to the National Register of Historic Places more than 30 years ago.

Stromberg Architectural Products can use their knowledge of traditional styles to make seamless GFRC repairs to the residences, churches, and schools commonly found in prominent historic districts. Stromberg can also help you find GFRC from our collection or custom design a piece for a new or newly-renovated structure.

Stromberg Architectural’s West Virginia GFRC Projects

Stromberg has completed a wide range of Southern GFRC projects in not only West Virginia, but also Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, and more. In West Virginia, our Buckhannon GFRC work can be found on the Upshur County Courthouse. Hospitals, churches, retail stores, resorts, and hotels are just some of the other types of buildings that can be beautified with affordable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

Why Choose Stromberg For Your West Virginia GFRC Needs?

  • We have successfully completed more than 1,600 projects
  • We offer the largest selection of GFRC shapes, GFRC textures, and GFRC colors of any manufacturer
  • We are much more than simply a GFRC shop–we can take care of everything from shipping GFRC to specifying GFRC.
  • West Virginia GFRC clients, and those in other parts of the country, frequently choose to work with us again–more than 85% of our business is repeat business

Take Advantage of Friendly, Local GFRC Service Wherever You Are in West Virginia. We Provide:

Charleston GFRC, Huntington GFRC, GFRC Parkersburg, Wheeling GFRC, Morgantown GFRC, Weirton GFRC, Fairmont GFRC, Beckley GFRC, Clarksburg GFRC, Martinsburg GFRC, and GFRC assistance to clients located in all other areas of West Virginia.

For GFRC information about our past clients and commissions, and to find out how we can help you locate Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) that will meet your design needs, visit the Stromberg Architectural Products website. When you’re ready to take the next step, Stromberg offers no-charge initial consultations and free estimates. Contact Stromberg by phone at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of the website to discuss your GFRC West Virginia needs with a knowledgeable Stromberg representative.

Texas GFRC Projects

Texas Area GFRC Projects

GFRC Texas Projects: Atascocita High School, Humble, Texas

Featured Texas GFRC Projects

Stromberg’s comprehensive team of artisans, designers, craftsmen, and production professionals, and our more than 100,000 square feet of well-equipped production space are both located right in Greenville, a small Texas community close to Dallas. Many masons, architects, engineers, and contractors in Texas have chosen to do business with a world class company that’s close to home, so there is no shortage of featured Texas GFRC projects. Just a few are listed below.

  • South Padre Island GFRC: Isola Bella Condominiums, South Padre Island, Texas
  • Dallas GFRC: Old Parkland Hospital, Crescent Hotel, Clay Academy, D.A.R.T.
  • Greenville GFRC: La Quinta Inn, Greenville, Texas
  • Denton GFRC: Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas
  • Nacogdoches GFRC: Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas
  • GFRC Humble: Atascocita High School, Humble, Texas
  • GFRC Shenandoah: Portofino Shopping Center, Shenandoah, TX
  • Houston GFRC: George Bush Airport, Houston, Texas; Galleria Tower II, Houston, TX
  • San Antonio GFRC: Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, Texas

Some GFRC elements designed and crafted by Stromberg during the Texas GFRC projects listed above include:

  • GFRC tactile flooring
  • GFRC rail station amenities
  • GFRC parapet panels
  • GFRC bollards
  • GFRC columns
  • GFRC balustrade
  • GFRC cornice
  • GFRC pilasters
  • GFRC caps
  • GFRC coping
  • GFRC trim
  • GFRC fountains
  • GFRC fountain pools
  • GFRC sculpture

GFRC Applications For Your Renovation or New Construction Project in Texas

  • Commercial buildings
  • Community structures, such as cemeteries and sports arenas
  • Churches, cathedrals, and other places of worship
  • Retail locations (facades, storefronts, store interiors, and more)
  • Government buildings (prisons, courthouses, police stations, and more)

From Our Greenville Location, Stromberg Architectural is Able to Provide Local GFRC Service to The Entire State of Texas. We Offer:

Houston GFRC, Dallas GFRC, GFRC San Antonio, gfrc Austin, El Paso GFRC, Fort Worth GFRC, Arlington GFRC, Corpus Christi GFRC, Plano GFRC, Garland GFRC, and GFRC options to professionals in all other areas of the state.

The Stromberg Architectural Products website provides detailed overviews and GFRC photos of several of our Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Texas projects, as well as more general information on how Stromberg can assist you with detailing GFRC, selecting GFRC, and more. To arrange a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable GFRC representative in your home state, call (903) 454-0904or fill out the contact form on the website.