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Walla Walla Washington GFRC Projects

Stromberg GFRC at Walla Walla University

Stromberg GFRC at Walla Walla University

Stromberg GFRC at Walla Walla University

In 2005, Walla Walla University, a small liberal arts college  in College Place, Washington, was in need of a new administration building. The school was founded in 1892, and after over a hundred years, it was time for the school to grow again. However, Walla Walla University understood the importance of keeping new construction architecturally similar to the old architecture on campus, so they called Stromberg Architectural to make use of their world famous GFRC.

A New Beginning with Stromberg

For the Walla Walla University administration building project, Stromberg Architectural provided GFRC columns and cornices that were in keeping with the visual and architectural aesthetic of the rest of the campus. Matching the architectural style of other buildings can be a challenge, but Stromberg makes it easy. That’s because the master craftsmen at Stromberg are so competent with their usage of GFRC, that they can emulate virtually any building material and architectural style with this unique product.

Stromberg GFRC Products are Built to Last

All of Stromberg’s GFRC Products are built to endure the elements and look great for years. Like all other GFRC products from Stromberg, the columns and cornices at Walla Walla University will be able to stand up to freezing cold and sweltering heat without cracking. They will be able to endure hurricane strength winds, pounding hail and even acidic rain. Their administration building may be new, but it is a living classic that will surely be around for ages.

Why Choose Stromberg GFRC?

  • Decades of experience completing large and small GFRC projects on time and within budget
  • Knowledge of many architectural styles, including Federal, Beaux Arts, and Art Deco
  • Durable GFRC elements that can withstand severe weather and environments with salt spray and acid rain
  • A commitment to quality and outstanding customer service


Stromberg Offers Local GFRC Service to All Regions in Washington State:

Seattle GFRC, Spokane GFRC, Tacoma GFRC, Vancouver GFRC, Bellevue GFRC, Everett GFRC, Federal Way GFRC, Kent GFRC, Yakima GFRC, Bellingham GFRC, and all other areas in Washington.

Whether you’re considering GFRC as an alternative to cast stone or searching for a GFRC shop that offers excellent selection, the Stromberg Architectural website contains useful information that can help you in the GFRC selection process.

To obtain a free estimate or arrange a complimentary initial consultation, contact us at (903) 454-0904 or [email protected].


GFRC Renovation in Canton, Ohio

St. Peter’s Church GFRC Renovation by Stromberg

GFRC Renovation at St. Paul's Catholic Church, Canton, Ohio

GFRC Renovation at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Canton, Ohio

Stromberg’s artisans, craftsmen and architects are truly a talented group of individuals, and when it comes to GFRC renovation, they are some of the best in the world. When they heard about how talented Stromberg Architectural is at GFRC renovation and restoration, St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio, knew that Stromberg would be perfect for renovating their church while sticking to the original design. Stromberg’s mastery of GFRC renovation allows them to restore architecture to its original glory, and the best part is that their renovations are virtually undetectable due to their seamless matching of color and texture.

Undetectable GFRC Renovation by Stromberg Architectural

GFRC is an incredibly versatile material, but in the hands of an expert crew, GFRC can imitate nearly any other building material. St. Peter’s in Canton has a unique appearance due to its gray, chunky stone exterior. This old world-inspired aesthetic can be difficult and expensive to repair since masons who can work in this style are few and far between. However, thanks to the ingenuity of Stromberg Architectural, St. Peter’s was able to get a first rate renovation that perfectly matches the original architecture, making the repairs seem invisible.

GFRC Renovations by Stromberg will Last for Ages

Another admirable quality of Stromberg’s GFRC restoration work is that these are fixes that are meant to last. GFRC is an incredibly sturdy material that can stand up to all kinds of environmental punishment that would beat down and erode lesser materials. GFRC can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, vicious winds, acidic rain and even kinetic impacts that would destroy other building materials. With Stromberg Architectural, you don’t get a temporary fix, you get a lasting solution.

GFRC Advantages Over Traditional Concrete

  • GFRC elements weigh a fraction of those made with precast
  • The glass fiber reinforcement means there is no metal to rust or corrode
  • A practically endless number of GFRC shapes, textures, and sizes

Providing GFRC Renovation and Restoration to Canton and the Mid-West

Columbus GFRC, Cleveland GFRC, Cincinnati GFRC, Toledo GFRC, Akron GFRC, Dayton GFRC, Parma GFRC, Youngstown GFRC, Canton GFRC, Lorain GFRC, and more.


The Stromberg Architectural website contains numerous resources to make the GFRC shopping process straightforward and stress-free. To speak with a professional about your GFRC design needs or arrange a free initial consultation, call us at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to [email protected].

New Haven GFRC Renovation at Pierce Laboratory

New Haven GFRC Renovation at the Pierce Laboratory

New Haven GFRC Renovation at Pierce Laboratory

Founded in 1933, this Yale affiliated research institute specializes in cardiovascular biology, circulation, energy metabolism and sensory neuroscience, but in 1992, it was in dire need of renovation. Enter Stromberg Architectural, a Texas based architectural firm that specializes in glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC. GFRC is a light-weight and versatile building material, which was perfect for new, long lasting renovations that were in aesthetic keeping with the original building.

GFRC Renovation by Stromberg

Stromberg is your one stop shop for GFRC architectural elements, and the Pierce Laboratory in New Haven is a great example of the diversity of their GFRC products. Stromberg supplied cornice molding, urns, threshold, wall cap, pier cap, coping, panels, keystones, a chimney cap, sills, fascia and heads. Nearly all of Stromberg’s GFRC products arrived at the site pre-fabricated and ready to install, making the renovation quick and easy.

Preserve your Style with Stromberg GFRC Products

One of the most impressive strengths of the master craftsmen at Stromberg Architectural is their ability to fabricate GFRC products perfectly to specification. Their mastery of the material, years of expertise and use of advanced software, like CAD, means that they can create custom architectural elements that work perfectly with any style of building. Their New Haven GFRC renovation project at the Pierce Laboratory represents strong evidence of this skill since it is nearly impossible to differentiate the original architecture from what was added by Stromberg in 1992.

Features and Benefits of GFRC

  • GFRC is lighter than concrete.
  • GFRC is significantly more resistant to erosion than concrete.
  • GFRC is more resistant to concussive force, making it less likely to chip if struck.
  • GFRC can endure extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Providing GFRC to all of Connecticut and New England

New Haven GFRC, Hartford GFRC, Bridgeport GFRC, Stamford GFRC, Waterbury GFRC, Norwalk GFRC, Boston GFRC, Providence GFRC.

For More Information on GFRC

For more information on GFRC, visit Stromberg Architectural Products. The experts at Stromberg will help you make your GFRC project a success. They offer design assistance, specifications, and CAD details. If you have questions about Stromberg GFRC, the initial consultation is free. Call  (903) 454-0904 for more information.


Idaho GFRC Projects

Idaho Area GFRC Projects

Western Region GFRC: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Idaho is known as the Gem State because many different types of precious rock have been located beneath the surface here. Above ground, stones such as marble have been used to create fantastic structures such as the Idaho State Capitol building.

Stromberg’s GFRC may not be able to be finished to look exactly like purple amethyst, but our production professionals do know how to flawlessly replicate the appearance of marble, terra cotta, limestone, and other traditional building materials. Using GFRC, we can assist you in creating single elements or completely transforming a structure into an architectural “jewel.”

Idaho GFRC Project Types

The massive number of shapes, textures, and colors that are possible with GFRC make it ideal for a wide array of applications. These include:

  • Hospitals
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Cemeteries
  • Swimming pools
  • Courthouses
  • Police stations
  • Shopping malls

Why Our Product is Fantastic For Those Searching For GFRC for Designers, Contractors, Masons, or Architects

For design and construction professionals, the many advantages of GFRC can translate into higher rates of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  • GFRC weighs just a fraction of solid concrete, which makes transporting and installing GFRC relatively quick and easy
  • GFRC can be finished to replicate a variety of traditional building materials, including terra cotta and granite
  • GFRC offers an amazing number of design options–elements can feature everything from cast-in textures to dramatic curves

Stromberg Architectural Can Work With Clients in Any of Idaho’s Towns or Cities. We Offer:

Boise GFRC, Nampa GFRC, Pocatello GFRC, Idaho Falls gfrc, GFRC Meridian, Coeur d’Alene GFRC, gfrc Twin Falls, GFRC Caldwell, Moscow GFRC, Rexburg GFRC, and more.

The Stromberg Architectural website can give you the GFRC information you need to make an informed decision about which GFRC manufacturer to work with. Here, you will find hundreds of GFRC photos showcasing our dozens of products as well as technical information such as GFRC specifications. Any questions you still have after visiting us online can be addressed by a knowledgeable representative during a no-charge, no-obligation initial consultation. Arranging one is easy. Just call us at (903)-454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of our site.

Utah GFRC Projects

Utah Area GFRC Projects

Utah GFRC Projects: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is a western state that has both densely populated cities as well as huge expanses of land that are completely uninhabited. The Beehive State is strongly associated with Mormonism, and for good reason. Roughly 60 percent of Utah residents belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Because of the strong role of religion here, it’s not surprising that some of the most remarkable buildings are houses of worship.

Stromberg Architectural has worked on numerous churches throughout the world, as well as commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, and trendy shopping plazas. Using our experience and our expertise, we can make your Utah GFRC project a success.

Featured GFRC Utah Projects

Salt Lake City GFRC: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Elements Supplied by Stromberg: GFRC bollards, GFRC columns, GFRC panels, GFRC wall caps, GFRC trim, GFRC window sills, and GFRC banding
Stromberg crafted a wide range of elements during this large Utah GFRC project, from GFRC bollards to provide security, to GFRC panels to complement the existing masonry work found on the exterior of the building. Our production space and proven work-flow process allow us to complete projects such as this one that are very large in scope quickly and efficiently.

Why Stromberg Architectural Should be Your First Choice if You’re Searching for GFRC for Engineers, Architects, or Contractors

  • Get assistance from the largest working team of artisans, designers, master craftsmen, and production professionals in the industry
  • Enjoy access to the world’s largest collection of GFRC designs, elements, and textures
  • Our professionals love a challenge–get help resolving even extremely complex GFRC design issues
  • Enjoy fair prices and comprehensive support when you buy GFRC from us

Stromberg Architectural Can Partner With Clients in All Areas of Utah:

Salt Lake City GFRC, West Valley City GFRC, Provo gfrc, GFRC Sandy, gfrc Orem, Ogden GFRC, West Jordon GFRC, Layton GFRC, Taylorsville GFRC, Saint George GFRC, and others.

To discover why there are few materials better than GFRC if you’re looking for strength, durability, and versatility, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. If you are interested in discussing your Utah GFRC project with one of our representatives, we can provide a free initial consultation. Contact us at (903)-454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of our site to get started.