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Hawaii GFRC Projects

Hawaii Area GFRC Projects

Pacific Region GFRC Projects: San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Although it is part of the United States, many people who visit Hawaii feel as though they’ve entered an entirely different world. The breathtaking islands of Hawaii have world class surfing, active volcanoes, and pristine wilderness. Tourism is the biggest contributor to the economy of Hawaii, so hotels, resorts, and stores need to make the right first impression.

Stromberg Architectural can work with you on your Hawaii GFRC project to design custom elements or a completely new indoor or outdoor space that will reflect the unique identity of your business as well as the unforgettable spirit of Hawaii.

Featured Hawaii GFRC Projects

  • Honolulu GFRC: Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Kalaoa GFRC: Kona International Airport, Kalaoa, Hawaii
  • GFRC Hilo: Hawaii County Building, Hilo, HI

Just Some Reasons Why There Are Few Materials Better Than GFRC For New Construction and Renovation Projects Include:

  • The versatility of GFRC: Available GFRC finishes include ones that replicate the look of limestone, terra cotta, and other costlier materials. Paintable finishes are possible, and an almost endless array of textures and shapes can be achieved.
  • The durability of GFRC: Stromberg’s affordable GFRC elements can be placed outdoors with confidence. So moisture resistant it can be installed underwater, GFRC has also stood up to high wind speeds and severe weather in the lab and the real world.
  • The low weight of GFRC: GFRC weighs significantly less than traditional concrete, yet still has a higher tensile strength than steel. Thanks to this property, GFRC shipping and GFRC installation is typically relatively simple (and often quite economical).

Stromberg Architectural Supplies Affordable GFRC to All Areas of Beautiful Hawaii:

Honolulu GFRC, Hilo GFRC, Kailua GFRC,  Kaneohe GFRC, Waipahu GFRC, Pearl City GFRC, Waimalu GFRC, Mililani GFRC, Kahului GFRC, GFRC Kihei, and local GFRC service to smaller cities and towns.

If you’re searching for quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for architects, GFRC for designers, or GFRC for masons, the Stromberg Architectural Products website is an excellent starting point. Here you will find GFRC pictures, GFRC specifications, and GFRC information about our past clients and commissions. To discuss your design needs in detail and obtain a free GFRC project estimate, call Stromberg at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of the site.

South Carolina GFRC Projects

South Carolina Area GFRC Projects

South Area GFRC Projects: Forsythe, Savannah, Georgia

South Carolina, which is considered part of the Deep South, is a land of vast unspoiled lakes and beautiful mountains. There are literally dozens of National Historic Landmarks in “The Palmetto State,” which range from private homes in Charleston, to Gothic Revival churches, to buildings constructed in the Greek Revival style. South Carolina’s beaches, golf courses, and state parks also make it a popular tourist destination, and many of the hotels, shops, and restaurants that cater to visitors are decidedly upscale.

Stromberg has a knowledge of many architectural styles, and we can use affordable GFRC for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) renovation and new construction. Whatever your architectural needs in South Carolina, Stromberg is here to help.

Featured Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete South Carolina Projects

  • Myrtle Beach GFRC: Books-A-Million, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Vista Del Mar Grand Dunes, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Charleston GFRC: Charleston Southern University, Charleston, SC; Embassy Suites, Charleston, South Carolina

Service And Support Provided by Stromberg Architectural For GFRC South Carolina Projects

Stromberg Architectural is much more than just a GFRC shop. We have more than 100,000 square feet of production space to handle South Carolina GFRC projects of any size and scope, but that’s far from the only reason to work with us. In addition to expertly crafting affordable GFRC products, we can also provide the following:

  • Free South Carolina GFRC estimates and help selecting GFRC
  • 3-D models and maquettes
  • Help specifying GFRC
  • Assistance with GFRC detailing
  • GFRC shipping
  • GFRC installation (check about availability in your area)

Purchase GFRC From Stromberg And Get Comprehensive Service Wherever You Are Located in South Carolina. We Offer:

Columbia GFRC, GFRC Charleston, GFRC North Charleston, Greenville GFRC, Rock Hill GFRC, Mount Pleasant GFRC, Spartanburg GFRC, Sumter GFRC, Hilton Head Island GFRC, GFRC Florence, and local GFRC service to dozens of other cities and towns in South Carolina.

The Stromberg Architectural Products website provides plenty of GFRC information explaining the many benefits and applications of this advanced composite. Our site will also tell you more about Stromberg’s services, custom GFRC design process, and comprehensive line of products to help you decide whether we are the right manufacturer for you. To arrange a free consultation, call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the form on our contact page.

Iowa GFRC Projects

Iowa Area GFRC Projects

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: D.A. Blodgett Building, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Extravagance, history, and attention to detail are all evident in the various buildings and other architectural creations found in Iowa. The Iowa State Capitol, for instance, features five architectural domes, one of which is covered in shimmering 23-carat gold. The Union Block building was where several historic Civil Rights speeches were made, and the Fountain of Four Seasons sculpture on the Iowa State University campus was obviously painstakingly created.

Using GFRC, Stromberg can achieve a seamless match for many materials so you can make renovations and repairs to Iowa buildings that will be virtually undetectable. We can also craft custom molds to create GFRC sculptures and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) fountains that are incredibly detailed and highly ornate.

Midwest and Iowa GFRC Projects

Stromberg has a strong track record of successfully completing GFRC projects in many Midwest states, including Ohio. One of our notable GFRC Ohio projects was the work we completed for the Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, Iowa. This small institution of higher learning has just 1,100 students. One thing it has in common with larger schools, however, is that the campus is home to buildings that are both eye-catching and historic.

Other GFRC Midwest clients and commissions include:

  • Wisconsin GFRC: Miller Park, Milwaukee
  • Michigan GFRC: Lexington Lansing Hotel, Lansing
  • Illinois GFRC: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
  • Indiana GFRC: AmeriPlex at the Port, Portage

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Elements Offered by Stromberg

  • GFRC fountains and GFRC fountain pools
  • GFRC cornice
  • GFRC bases and GFRC columns
  • GFRC gazebos
  • GFRC keystones
  • And dozens of others

Possible Architectural Styles for Your GFRC Project

  • Victorian
  • Modern
  • Post-modern
  • Gothic
  • Classical
  • Colonial
  • Federal
  • Beaux Arts
  • Art Deco

Get Local GFRC Service no Matter Where You Are Located in The State of Iowa:

Des Moines GFRC, Cedar Rapids GFRC, GFRC Davenport, Sioux City GFRC, Waterloo GFRC, GFRC Iowa City, Council Bluffs GFRC, Dubuque GFRC, Ames GFRC, GFRC West Des Moines, and other cities and townships.

Wherever you are in Iowa, Stromberg can provide the personalized and local GFRC service you need to make your next new construction or renovation project a success. For more GFRC information, and to find out how to contact us to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our representatives, visit the Stromberg Architectural Products website.

Delaware GFRC Projects

Delaware Area GFRC Projects

South GFRC Projects: One Morrocroft Centre, Charlotte, North Carolina

Delaware has the distinction of being not only the second smallest state in area, but also the first state to join the Union that would eventually become known as the United States of America. There are several structures in Delaware dating back to the 18th century, such as the Georgian-style Delaware State House, as well as modern commercial buildings in downtown Wilmington.

Whether you’re looking for GFRC for contractors or GFRC for architects that will help you preserve Delaware’s architectural past or create a brand new and ultra-modern retail space, Stromberg can help. We have the materials, expertise, and experience to make your construction, renovation, or restoration project a successful one.

Delaware Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Projects

Schools throughout the United States feature GFRC elements crafted by Stromberg Architectural’s team of professionals, and Delaware is no exception. One of our Delaware GFRC projects was the work we completed for Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware. Other South GFRC projects completed for schools and universities include:

  • St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD
  • College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Episcopal High School, Arlington, VA
  • Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC
  • Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia

Key Reasons to Consider GFRC as an Alternative to Natural Stone

  • A huge selection of GFRC textures and GFRC finishes for maximum design versatility
  • GFRC weights are comparatively low, which can simplify transportation and GFRC installation
  • GFRC products kept outdoors will stand up to the elements just as well as or better than those made of natural stone
  • GFRC elements are cast in molds, making complex shapes and intricate details possible

Stromberg Offers a Vast Number of Local GFRC Options to Clients in the State of Delaware:

Wilmington GFRC, Dover GFRC, Newark GFRC, Pike Creek GFRC, Bear GFRC, Brookside GFRC, Hockessin GFRC, Glasgow GFRC, GFRC Claymont, North Star GFRC, and GFRC assistance to clients located in Delaware’s smaller towns and cities.

For GFRC ideas and practical Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) information that can help you decide whether GFRC is the right material for your next project, visit the Stromberg Architectural Products website. To discuss your GFRC needs in-depth with a knowledgeable representative, contact us by phone at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to [email protected] to arrange a free initial consultation.

Arizona GFRC Projects

Arizona GFRC Projects

Arizona GFRC Projects: Anthropologie, Scottsdale, Arizona

Some of the most impressive sights in Arizona were formed by Mother Nature, not crafted by man. It’s where you’ll find the Grand Canyon, and it’s also famous for dazzling sunsets and Meteor Crater. Architectural enthusiasts also know that Arizona is where architect Frank Lloyd Wright established his winter home: Taliesin West.

Attractive storefronts, universities, houses of worship, and posh hotels catering to choosy tourists are also part of the Grand Canyon State. Stromberg can craft GFRC elements for brand new Arizona buildings, help bring an existing interior or exterior design into the 21st century, or assist in preserving the past by performing seamless GFRC restoration and repair.

Featured Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Arizona Projects

  • Flagstaff GFRC: La Quinta Inn, Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Scottsdale GFRC: Anthropologie
    Elements Supplied by Stromberg: Roughly 2,000 GFRC blocks
    While each of the GFRC blocks crafted for the exterior wall of the Anthropologie store was somewhat simple on its own, the finished product was simply extraordinary. Using GFRC molds, we were able to create identical pieces and incorporate a level of detail that is difficult to achieve with cut stone.

Why Partner With Stromberg to Complete Your Next GFRC Project?

  • The best selection of GFRC designs and products of any manufacturer
  • A passionate and knowledgeable team of designers, artisans, and production professionals
  • More than 100,000 square feet of production space to handle GFRC projects of any size and scope
  • A wide array of services, including GFRC detailing assistance, custom design help, and GFRC shipping
  • A history of successfully completing GFRC projects that spans roughly 30 years

Get GFRC Assistance no Matter Where You Are Located in The State of Arizona. Stromberg Provides:

Phoenix GFRC, Tucson GFRC, GFRC Mesa, GFRC Glendale, Scottsdale GFRC, Chandler GFRC, Tempe GFRC, Gilbert GFRC, Peoria GFRC, Yuma GFRC, and local GFRC service to dozens of other cities and townships in Arizona.

To find out more about our GFRC Arizona projects and ones we completed for design and construction professionals in other states, visit the Stromberg Architectural Products website. If you are interested in speaking with a representative one-on-one, we offer complimentary initial consultations and estimates to help you decide whether Stromberg is the right Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) manufacturer for you.

Nebraska GFRC Projects

Nebraska Area GFRC Projects by Stromberg

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Commerce Bank, Afton, Missouri

Nebraska, which has an economy that relies heavily on agricultural pursuits, does not have the plethora of architectural wonders found in states such as Nevada. The Nebraska State Capitol, however, which was constructed using Indiana limestone, is undeniably a marvel. Reflecting both Classical and Gothic styles, it features an impressive tower that is crowned with a dome and a figurative sculpture.

Stromberg Architectural can use GFRC to replicate the appearance of limestone, and to create architectural domes and intricately-detailed sculptures. We also have a knowledge of the conventions of many architectural styles, including Classical and Gothic. As such, we can use GFRC to create structures that have all the features of iconic buildings. Versatile and lightweight GFRC, however, allows such projects to be completed more quickly, and costs are typically lower as well.

GFRC Nebraska Projects

Stromberg has completed a number of GFRC Nebraska projects, as well as others throughout the rest of the Midwest. Just one of our Nebraska GFRC projects was the work we completed for the Edward Zorinsky Federal Building in Omaha, Nebraska. This 432,000-square-foot structure is the place of employment for more than 1,200 federal workers.

Stromberg’s GFRC products aren’t just suitable for commercial and government structures. Our GFRC Midwest clients and commissions have also included churches, educational institutions, hospitality establishments, hospitals, and retail stores. We can expertly craft GFRC columns, GFRC brackets, GFRC fireplaces, and dozens of other elements that are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Stromberg Offers a Number of Online GFRC Resources and Services to Help Make Your Decision Easier

  • GFRC pictures of the dozens of architectural elements we manufacture
  • Information about GFRC applications and some of our featured GFRC projects
  • GFRC samples upon request
  • GFRC specifications

You Can Buy GFRC From Stromberg Regardless of Where you are Located in Nebraska. We Offer:

Omaha GFRC, Lincoln gfrc, GFRC Bellevue, Grand Island GFRC, gfrc Kearney, Fremont GFRC, Hastings GFRC, North Platte GFRC, gfrc Norfolk, Columbus GFRC, and local GFRC service to all other regions of Nebraska.

For more information about your GFRC options, and to get GFRC ideas for your upcoming project, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. When you’re ready to take the next step, call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the contact form on our site to arrange a no-charge initial consultation.

South Dakota GFRC Projects

South Dakota Area GFRC Projects by Stromberg

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Little Pine Lake, Perham, MN

South Dakota is one of the least populous states in the entire country, but it’s home to one of the most impressive sculptures in the U.S. and perhaps even the world. The work is of course Mount Rushmore. Here, the likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln are recreated in solid granite.

Like South Dakota’s most well-known landmark, GFRC creations by Stromberg can inspire wonder and turn heads. We can create classical GFRC columns in practically any shape or size, ornate GFRC planters, or even a GFRC sculpture or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) bas relief showing a miniature version of Mount Rushmore. Stromberg has the capacity, the experience, and the expertise to bring your vision to life and find solutions to complex GFRC design challenges.

Featured Midwest Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Projects

Stromberg has completed several Midwest and South Dakota GFRC projects since opening their doors nearly a decade ago:

  • Liebert Learning Center, Westerville, OH
  • Mahoning County Courthouse, Youngstown, Ohio
  • Books-A-Million, Muncie, Indiana
  • Atlantis Gentleman’s Club, Ford Heights, Illinois
  • Greektown Casino, Detroit, Michigan

Why Choose Stromberg as Your Source for Affordable GFRC?

  • Assistance with specifying GFRC and detailing GFRC
  • Access to a team of designers, artisans, and production professionals
  • Get GFRC elements created in accordance with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship
  • Partner with the largest GFRC manufacturer
  • Choose from a range of GFRC finishes and GFRC textures
  • A huge selection of GFRC designs, plus practically endless custom options

Stromberg Can Provide GFRC Assistance to Clients Located Anywhere in South Dakota:

GFRC Sioux Falls, Rapid City GFRC, Aberdeen GFRC, Watertown GFRC, Brookings GFRC, Mitchell GFRC, Pierre GFRC, Yankton GFRC, Huron GFRC, Vermillion GFRC, as well as service to smaller regions in the state.

The Stromberg Architectural Products website contains a number of GFRC resources that can help you in the GFRC selection and design process, including GFRC pictures and GFRC specifications. If you’d like to speak to someone directly about the details of your next project, we also provide no-charge initial consultations and free estimates. Call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the contact form on our site to get started.

North Dakota GFRC Projects

North Dakota GFRC Projects by Stromberg

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, Missouri

The climate of North Dakota, also known as the Peace Garden State and the Roughrider State, poses challenges to landscapers, masons, and designers commissioned to install outdoor elements. Warm summers and cold winters mean that any outdoor elements will be subject to freeze-thaw cycles, springtime flooding is common, and extreme meteorological events such as tornadoes are not unheard of.

There are few materials that are better than Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for this type of climate. GFRC elements by Stromberg weather well as the temperature changes, and will not corrode or rust, even when placed under water. In both the laboratory and the real world, GFRC sculptures and other GFRC elements by Stromberg have also withstood extremely high winds and other severe weather events.

Midwest Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Projects

During our nearly three decades in business, we have completed a staggering number of GFRC projects throughout the entire Midwest. Following are just a few of our Midwest GFRC clients and commissions:

  • Little Pine Lake, Perham, Minnesota
  • University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
  • Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Embassy Suites, Dublin, Ohio
  • Cinemark Theaters, Grandville, Michigan

All of our GFRC options are available to contractors, engineers, and designers in North Dakota. If you are in Medora, Park River, Rogers, South Heart, Zeeland, Willow City, or another part of the state, Stromberg is here to help.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Services by Stromberg

  • No-obligation initial consultations and free estimates
  • Assistance creating custom GFRC designs
  • Access to world’s largest GFRC shop
  • Prototypes of GFRC elements
  • GFRC detailing and GFRC shipping

Stromberg Offers a Range of GFRC Options to Professionals in All Areas of North Dakota:

Fargo GFRC, Bismarck GFRC, Grand Forks GFRC, Minot GFRC, Mandan GFRC, Dickinson GFRC, Jamestown GFRC, GFRC West Fargo, Williston GFRC, Valley City GFRC, and various other cities and towns in North Dakota.

Whether you are located in the largest city in North Dakota or its tiniest township, Stromberg can provide the GFRC help you require to make your next project a success. The Stromberg Architectural Products website contains useful GFRC tips and GFRC photos, and we offer free consultations and estimates. When you’re ready to learn more about your GFRC options, call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the contact form on our site.

Oregon GFRC Projects

Oregon GFRC Projects

Oregon GFRC Projects: Medford Library, Medford, Oregon

One of the most remarkable things about Oregon, also known as the Beaver State, is just how varied its climate is. The western portion receives substantial amounts of precipitation, while the other areas of Oregon are prone to marked fluctuations in temperature.

Regardless of where you are in Oregon, affordable GFRC is an excellent material for indoor and outdoor elements. GFRC is so moisture resistant that it can be installed underwater, and this lightweight and versatile material can handle freeze-thaw cycles as well. Stromberg Architectural can supply GFRC design assistance and dozens of GFRC elements–from GFRC columns to GFRC urns–to clients located anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Featured Oregon GFRC Projects

One of our signature GFRC Oregon projects was our work on the Medford Library in 2004. For this 83,000 square foot facility, Stromberg supplied GFRC cornice, one of our signature products. Thanks to the versatility of GFRC, we were able to finish the GFRC cornice to match the color and texture of the surrounding building materials. Our GFRC cornice not only looks fantastic, but also helps protect the building from rain, a frequent occurrence in many areas of the state.

Working With Stromberg to Complete Your Oregon GFRC Project: What to Expect

  • A fantastic selection of products and GFRC designs
  • A range of attractive GFRC finishes
  • Friendly service from knowledgeable professionals
  • GFRC assistance during each stage of your project, from free estimates to specifications
  • Custom GFRC options to provide you with exactly what you have in mind

Wherever you are in Oregon, Stromberg Can Provide GFRC Assistance:

Portland GFRC, Eugene GFRC, Salem GFRC, Gresham GFRC, Beaverton GFRC, Hillsboro GFRC, Medford GFRC, Springfield GFRC, Bend GFRC, Corvallis GFRC, and GFRC assistance to those in all other regions of the state.

To learn more about our GFRC services and to view GFRC pictures of some of our many successful projects, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. If you have GFRC questions or want to set up a free initial consultation to discuss the details of an upcoming project, call us at (903) 454-0904 or email us at [email protected]. We are here to help.

Florida GFRC Projects

Florida GFRC Projects

Florida Area GFRC Projects: JW Marriott at Grand Lakes, Orlando, Florida

Featured Florida GFRC Projects

  • Orlando GFRC: JW Marriott at Grand Lakes, Orlando, Florida
    Elements Supplied by Stromberg: GFRC Cupola
    For this 1,000-room hotel that caters to discerning guests that demand only the best, Stromberg supplied the crowning glory: an eye-catching GFRC cupola. This GFRC cupola is the first thing many guests will notice as they approach the impressive structure, and the arched window openings give this durable element an aura of classical romance.
  • Other Orlando GFRC Projects: Universal Studios; Walt Disney World
  • Melbourne GFRC: Amsouth Bank, Melbourne, Florida
  • Cape Coral GFRC: Best Buy, Cape Coral, Florida
  • Palm Beach GFRC: The Breakers Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida
  • Vero Beach GFRC: Costa d’Este Resort, Vero Beach, FL
  • Coral Gables GFRC: The Gables Club Tower Condominiums, Coral Gables, FL
  • Fort Myers GFRC: Courtyard by Marriott, Fort Myers, Florida
  • Jacksonville GFRC: Merrill Lynch; Nova Southeastern University; Sephora
  • Port Canaveral GFRC: Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 8, Port Canaveral, Florida
  • San Destin GFRC: Southwinds Condominiums, San Destin, Florida
  • Lake Worth GFRC: Target, Lake Worth, FL

GFRC Ideas and Applications

  • Themed GFRC elements for parks, cinemas, and Florida tourist attractions
  • GFRC storefronts or GFRC sculptures for retail establishments
  • GFRC fountains and GFRC domes for hotels and other hospitality locations
  • GFRC columns and GFRC signage for medical facilities and educational institutions
  • GFRC staircases and GFRC balustrade for community parks and sports arenas

Get GFRC Help Wherever you are in Florida. We Provide:

Jacksonville GFRC, Miami GFRC, Tampa GFRC, Saint Petersburg GFRC, Hialeah GFRC, Orlando GFRC, Fort Lauderdale GFRC, Tallahassee GFRC, Hollywood GFRC, Pembroke Pines GFRC, and GFRC service to all other areas in the state of Florida.

For more information about our past Florida GFRC Projects a and the GFRC help we can provide to make your upcoming project a success, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. We can also provide a free initial consultation to discuss your GFRC plans. Simply call us at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to [email protected] to set up a meeting with a qualified member of the Stromberg team.