Hawaii GFRC Projects

Hawaii Area GFRC Projects

Pacific Region GFRC Projects: San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Although it is part of the United States, many people who visit Hawaii feel as though they’ve entered an entirely different world. The breathtaking islands of Hawaii have world class surfing, active volcanoes, and pristine wilderness. Tourism is the biggest contributor to the economy of Hawaii, so hotels, resorts, and stores need to make the right first impression.

Stromberg Architectural can work with you on your Hawaii GFRC project to design custom elements or a completely new indoor or outdoor space that will reflect the unique identity of your business as well as the unforgettable spirit of Hawaii.

Featured Hawaii GFRC Projects

  • Honolulu GFRC: Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Kalaoa GFRC: Kona International Airport, Kalaoa, Hawaii
  • GFRC Hilo: Hawaii County Building, Hilo, HI

Just Some Reasons Why There Are Few Materials Better Than GFRC For New Construction and Renovation Projects Include:

  • The versatility of GFRC: Available GFRC finishes include ones that replicate the look of limestone, terra cotta, and other costlier materials. Paintable finishes are possible, and an almost endless array of textures and shapes can be achieved.
  • The durability of GFRC: Stromberg’s affordable GFRC elements can be placed outdoors with confidence. So moisture resistant it can be installed underwater, GFRC has also stood up to high wind speeds and severe weather in the lab and the real world.
  • The low weight of GFRC: GFRC weighs significantly less than traditional concrete, yet still has a higher tensile strength than steel. Thanks to this property, GFRC shipping and GFRC installation is typically relatively simple (and often quite economical).

Stromberg Architectural Supplies Affordable GFRC to All Areas of Beautiful Hawaii:

Honolulu GFRC, Hilo GFRC, Kailua GFRC,  Kaneohe GFRC, Waipahu GFRC, Pearl City GFRC, Waimalu GFRC, Mililani GFRC, Kahului GFRC, GFRC Kihei, and local GFRC service to smaller cities and towns.

If you’re searching for quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for architects, GFRC for designers, or GFRC for masons, the Stromberg Architectural Products website is an excellent starting point. Here you will find GFRC pictures, GFRC specifications, and GFRC information about our past clients and commissions. To discuss your design needs in detail and obtain a free GFRC project estimate, call Stromberg at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the form on the contact page of the site.

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