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Midwest area GFRC projects

GFRC Renovation in Canton, Ohio

St. Peter’s Church GFRC Renovation by Stromberg

GFRC Renovation at St. Paul's Catholic Church, Canton, Ohio

GFRC Renovation at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Canton, Ohio

Stromberg’s artisans, craftsmen and architects are truly a talented group of individuals, and when it comes to GFRC renovation, they are some of the best in the world. When they heard about how talented Stromberg Architectural is at GFRC renovation and restoration, St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio, knew that Stromberg would be perfect for renovating their church while sticking to the original design. Stromberg’s mastery of GFRC renovation allows them to restore architecture to its original glory, and the best part is that their renovations are virtually undetectable due to their seamless matching of color and texture.

Undetectable GFRC Renovation by Stromberg Architectural

GFRC is an incredibly versatile material, but in the hands of an expert crew, GFRC can imitate nearly any other building material. St. Peter’s in Canton has a unique appearance due to its gray, chunky stone exterior. This old world-inspired aesthetic can be difficult and expensive to repair since masons who can work in this style are few and far between. However, thanks to the ingenuity of Stromberg Architectural, St. Peter’s was able to get a first rate renovation that perfectly matches the original architecture, making the repairs seem invisible.

GFRC Renovations by Stromberg will Last for Ages

Another admirable quality of Stromberg’s GFRC restoration work is that these are fixes that are meant to last. GFRC is an incredibly sturdy material that can stand up to all kinds of environmental punishment that would beat down and erode lesser materials. GFRC can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, vicious winds, acidic rain and even kinetic impacts that would destroy other building materials. With Stromberg Architectural, you don’t get a temporary fix, you get a lasting solution.

GFRC Advantages Over Traditional Concrete

  • GFRC elements weigh a fraction of those made with precast
  • The glass fiber reinforcement means there is no metal to rust or corrode
  • A practically endless number of GFRC shapes, textures, and sizes

Providing GFRC Renovation and Restoration to Canton and the Mid-West

Columbus GFRC, Cleveland GFRC, Cincinnati GFRC, Toledo GFRC, Akron GFRC, Dayton GFRC, Parma GFRC, Youngstown GFRC, Canton GFRC, Lorain GFRC, and more.


The Stromberg Architectural website contains numerous resources to make the GFRC shopping process straightforward and stress-free. To speak with a professional about your GFRC design needs or arrange a free initial consultation, call us at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to [email protected].

Iowa GFRC Projects

Iowa Area GFRC Projects

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: D.A. Blodgett Building, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Extravagance, history, and attention to detail are all evident in the various buildings and other architectural creations found in Iowa. The Iowa State Capitol, for instance, features five architectural domes, one of which is covered in shimmering 23-carat gold. The Union Block building was where several historic Civil Rights speeches were made, and the Fountain of Four Seasons sculpture on the Iowa State University campus was obviously painstakingly created.

Using GFRC, Stromberg can achieve a seamless match for many materials so you can make renovations and repairs to Iowa buildings that will be virtually undetectable. We can also craft custom molds to create GFRC sculptures and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) fountains that are incredibly detailed and highly ornate.

Midwest and Iowa GFRC Projects

Stromberg has a strong track record of successfully completing GFRC projects in many Midwest states, including Ohio. One of our notable GFRC Ohio projects was the work we completed for the Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, Iowa. This small institution of higher learning has just 1,100 students. One thing it has in common with larger schools, however, is that the campus is home to buildings that are both eye-catching and historic.

Other GFRC Midwest clients and commissions include:

  • Wisconsin GFRC: Miller Park, Milwaukee
  • Michigan GFRC: Lexington Lansing Hotel, Lansing
  • Illinois GFRC: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
  • Indiana GFRC: AmeriPlex at the Port, Portage

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Elements Offered by Stromberg

  • GFRC fountains and GFRC fountain pools
  • GFRC cornice
  • GFRC bases and GFRC columns
  • GFRC gazebos
  • GFRC keystones
  • And dozens of others

Possible Architectural Styles for Your GFRC Project

  • Victorian
  • Modern
  • Post-modern
  • Gothic
  • Classical
  • Colonial
  • Federal
  • Beaux Arts
  • Art Deco

Get Local GFRC Service no Matter Where You Are Located in The State of Iowa:

Des Moines GFRC, Cedar Rapids GFRC, GFRC Davenport, Sioux City GFRC, Waterloo GFRC, GFRC Iowa City, Council Bluffs GFRC, Dubuque GFRC, Ames GFRC, GFRC West Des Moines, and other cities and townships.

Wherever you are in Iowa, Stromberg can provide the personalized and local GFRC service you need to make your next new construction or renovation project a success. For more GFRC information, and to find out how to contact us to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our representatives, visit the Stromberg Architectural Products website.

Nebraska GFRC Projects

Nebraska Area GFRC Projects by Stromberg

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Commerce Bank, Afton, Missouri

Nebraska, which has an economy that relies heavily on agricultural pursuits, does not have the plethora of architectural wonders found in states such as Nevada. The Nebraska State Capitol, however, which was constructed using Indiana limestone, is undeniably a marvel. Reflecting both Classical and Gothic styles, it features an impressive tower that is crowned with a dome and a figurative sculpture.

Stromberg Architectural can use GFRC to replicate the appearance of limestone, and to create architectural domes and intricately-detailed sculptures. We also have a knowledge of the conventions of many architectural styles, including Classical and Gothic. As such, we can use GFRC to create structures that have all the features of iconic buildings. Versatile and lightweight GFRC, however, allows such projects to be completed more quickly, and costs are typically lower as well.

GFRC Nebraska Projects

Stromberg has completed a number of GFRC Nebraska projects, as well as others throughout the rest of the Midwest. Just one of our Nebraska GFRC projects was the work we completed for the Edward Zorinsky Federal Building in Omaha, Nebraska. This 432,000-square-foot structure is the place of employment for more than 1,200 federal workers.

Stromberg’s GFRC products aren’t just suitable for commercial and government structures. Our GFRC Midwest clients and commissions have also included churches, educational institutions, hospitality establishments, hospitals, and retail stores. We can expertly craft GFRC columns, GFRC brackets, GFRC fireplaces, and dozens of other elements that are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Stromberg Offers a Number of Online GFRC Resources and Services to Help Make Your Decision Easier

  • GFRC pictures of the dozens of architectural elements we manufacture
  • Information about GFRC applications and some of our featured GFRC projects
  • GFRC samples upon request
  • GFRC specifications

You Can Buy GFRC From Stromberg Regardless of Where you are Located in Nebraska. We Offer:

Omaha GFRC, Lincoln gfrc, GFRC Bellevue, Grand Island GFRC, gfrc Kearney, Fremont GFRC, Hastings GFRC, North Platte GFRC, gfrc Norfolk, Columbus GFRC, and local GFRC service to all other regions of Nebraska.

For more information about your GFRC options, and to get GFRC ideas for your upcoming project, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. When you’re ready to take the next step, call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the contact form on our site to arrange a no-charge initial consultation.

South Dakota GFRC Projects

South Dakota Area GFRC Projects by Stromberg

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Little Pine Lake, Perham, MN

South Dakota is one of the least populous states in the entire country, but it’s home to one of the most impressive sculptures in the U.S. and perhaps even the world. The work is of course Mount Rushmore. Here, the likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln are recreated in solid granite.

Like South Dakota’s most well-known landmark, GFRC creations by Stromberg can inspire wonder and turn heads. We can create classical GFRC columns in practically any shape or size, ornate GFRC planters, or even a GFRC sculpture or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) bas relief showing a miniature version of Mount Rushmore. Stromberg has the capacity, the experience, and the expertise to bring your vision to life and find solutions to complex GFRC design challenges.

Featured Midwest Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Projects

Stromberg has completed several Midwest and South Dakota GFRC projects since opening their doors nearly a decade ago:

  • Liebert Learning Center, Westerville, OH
  • Mahoning County Courthouse, Youngstown, Ohio
  • Books-A-Million, Muncie, Indiana
  • Atlantis Gentleman’s Club, Ford Heights, Illinois
  • Greektown Casino, Detroit, Michigan

Why Choose Stromberg as Your Source for Affordable GFRC?

  • Assistance with specifying GFRC and detailing GFRC
  • Access to a team of designers, artisans, and production professionals
  • Get GFRC elements created in accordance with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship
  • Partner with the largest GFRC manufacturer
  • Choose from a range of GFRC finishes and GFRC textures
  • A huge selection of GFRC designs, plus practically endless custom options

Stromberg Can Provide GFRC Assistance to Clients Located Anywhere in South Dakota:

GFRC Sioux Falls, Rapid City GFRC, Aberdeen GFRC, Watertown GFRC, Brookings GFRC, Mitchell GFRC, Pierre GFRC, Yankton GFRC, Huron GFRC, Vermillion GFRC, as well as service to smaller regions in the state.

The Stromberg Architectural Products website contains a number of GFRC resources that can help you in the GFRC selection and design process, including GFRC pictures and GFRC specifications. If you’d like to speak to someone directly about the details of your next project, we also provide no-charge initial consultations and free estimates. Call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the contact form on our site to get started.

North Dakota GFRC Projects

North Dakota GFRC Projects by Stromberg

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, Missouri

The climate of North Dakota, also known as the Peace Garden State and the Roughrider State, poses challenges to landscapers, masons, and designers commissioned to install outdoor elements. Warm summers and cold winters mean that any outdoor elements will be subject to freeze-thaw cycles, springtime flooding is common, and extreme meteorological events such as tornadoes are not unheard of.

There are few materials that are better than Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for this type of climate. GFRC elements by Stromberg weather well as the temperature changes, and will not corrode or rust, even when placed under water. In both the laboratory and the real world, GFRC sculptures and other GFRC elements by Stromberg have also withstood extremely high winds and other severe weather events.

Midwest Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Projects

During our nearly three decades in business, we have completed a staggering number of GFRC projects throughout the entire Midwest. Following are just a few of our Midwest GFRC clients and commissions:

  • Little Pine Lake, Perham, Minnesota
  • University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
  • Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Embassy Suites, Dublin, Ohio
  • Cinemark Theaters, Grandville, Michigan

All of our GFRC options are available to contractors, engineers, and designers in North Dakota. If you are in Medora, Park River, Rogers, South Heart, Zeeland, Willow City, or another part of the state, Stromberg is here to help.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Services by Stromberg

  • No-obligation initial consultations and free estimates
  • Assistance creating custom GFRC designs
  • Access to world’s largest GFRC shop
  • Prototypes of GFRC elements
  • GFRC detailing and GFRC shipping

Stromberg Offers a Range of GFRC Options to Professionals in All Areas of North Dakota:

Fargo GFRC, Bismarck GFRC, Grand Forks GFRC, Minot GFRC, Mandan GFRC, Dickinson GFRC, Jamestown GFRC, GFRC West Fargo, Williston GFRC, Valley City GFRC, and various other cities and towns in North Dakota.

Whether you are located in the largest city in North Dakota or its tiniest township, Stromberg can provide the GFRC help you require to make your next project a success. The Stromberg Architectural Products website contains useful GFRC tips and GFRC photos, and we offer free consultations and estimates. When you’re ready to learn more about your GFRC options, call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the contact form on our site.

Minnesota GFRC Projects

Minnesota GFRC Projects

Minnesota Area GFRC Projects: Little Pine Lake, Perham, Minnesota

A signature “jewel box” by Louis Sullivan, French Renaissance cathedrals, Art Deco style skyscrapers, Beaux Arts facades, Richardson Romanesque structures, and modern trendy storefronts are just some of the architectural marvels you’ll find in Minnesota. If you’re overseeing a GFRC Minnesota project that involves restoring a National Historic Landmark or designing an exquisite entryway for a five-star hotel, Stromberg’s knowledge of the styles mentioned above and our custom design process can benefit you.

Featured GFRC Minnesota Projects

One of Stromberg’s signature GFRC Minnesota projects was our work on an opulent private residence called Little Pine Lake located in Perham. During this Midwest GFRC project, we created GFRC archways and a GFRC staircase capital to grace the interior of the home. Other elements created by Stromberg included four elegant fireplaces (one framed with twisted columns), a paneled archway, custom balustrade, and sills.

Major Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Advantages

It’s clear from a GFRC vs. limestone comparison that GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is the better choice in many situations. Consider the following:

  • The weights of GFRC elements are much lower compared to products made from limestone
  • GFRC is non-porous and suitable for use in high-moisture climates and regions that receive acid rain
  • GFRC is cast in molds, so fine details and textures can be created and/or flawlessly reproduced
  • GFRC shipping costs are often comparatively low because of the material’s lightweight properties

What Can You Expect When You Work With Stromberg to Complete Your Minnesota GFRC Project?

In short, complete support from start to finish! We offer:

  • Free initial consultations
  • Free estimates
  • CAD drawings
  • 3-D models
  • Custom molds
  • GFRC shipping
  • GFRC installation (check about availability)

Our GFRC Minnesota Services are Available to Contractors, Architects, and Other Design and Construction Professionals Located in All Regions of Minnesota:

Minneapolis GFRC, Saint Paul GFRC, Duluth GFRC, Rochester GFRC, Bloomington GFRC, Brooklyn Park GFRC, Plymouth GFRC, Eagan GFRC, Coon Rapids GFRC, Burnsville GFRC, and many other Minnesota towns and cities.

If you’re searching for affordable GFRC that will meet or exceed your customers’ expectations, trust Stromberg Architectural for all of your Minnesota GFRC needs. Our GFRC website contains a wealth of useful resources, including GFRC specifications. To arrange a free initial consultation, or to get answers to your GFRC questions, call us at (903) 454-0904 or send us an email at [email protected].

Kansas GFRC Projects

Kansas GFRC Projects

Kansas Area GFRC Projects: St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish, Leawood, Kansas

Kansas, also known as the “Sunflower State,” is named after a Native American tribe that once inhabited the Midwest area.  The name of the tribe–Kansa–is often translated as “people of the wind,” which is fitting considering the state’s often harsh weather conditions and the frequency of its severe storms. Stromberg’s Kansas GFRC can help you create a new building or beautify an existing one with a material that is built to last.

Featured Kansas GFRC Projects

  • Lawrence GFRC: University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
  • Leawood GFRC: St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish, Leawood, KS

We Have All The Elements And Products Needed For a Successful Kansas GFRC Project! Choose From:

  • GFRC cladding panels
  • GFRC brackets
  • GFRC fireplaces
  • GFRC cornice
  • And dozens of other products!

Why Use GFRC For Your Kansas Construction or Renovation Project?

Designers, masons, architects, and contractors in every American state look for materials that are versatile and offer aesthetic appeal whenever they undertake a new project. Professionals in Kansas, however, also need to consider the high frequency of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, as well as the freeze-thaw cycles that occur every year.

Because of the harsh weather here, durability is a major factor in the material selection process. Stromberg’s GFRC has withstood category 5 hurricanes, and has been lab tested for wind speeds exceeding 240 miles per hour. Our Kansas GFRC represents an ideal combination of design flexibility, beauty, and strength, making it a perfect choice for an array of applications.

Our Kansas GFRC Services Are Available to You Wherever You Are Located in Kansas:

Wichita GFRC, Overland Park GFRC, Kansas City gfrc, Topeka GFRC, Olathe GFRC, Lawrence GFRC, Shawnee GFRC, Salina GFRC, Manhattan GFRC, Hutchinson GFRC, and more.

The Stromberg Architectural website has plenty of GFRC pictures illustrating both the incredible versatility and visual appeal of the advanced composite known as GFRC. You’ll also find other GFRC resources, such as specifications and a request form for GFRC samples. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your GFRC Kansas project in depth, contact us by phone at (903) 454-0904 or by email at [email protected].

Missouri GFRC Projects

GFRC Missouri Area Projects

West North Central GFRC: Commerce Bank, Afton, Missouri

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is America’s tallest man-made monument, and people from all parts of the country and other regions of the world are familiar with its imposing and impressive appearance. As engineers, architects, and contractors know, however, this is just one of many impressive structures in the state. At Stromberg Architectural, we provide GFRC for masons, designers, and other professionals in Missouri interested in creating their own architectural masterpieces.

Featured Missouri GFRC Projects

  • St. Louis GFRC: Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis, MO
  • Lee’s Summit GFRC: Summit Fair, MO
  • Afton GFRC: Commerce Bank, Afton, Missouri
    Summary: Stromberg created a custom GFRC clock surround that is lightweight, moisture resistant, low maintenance, and stunning in its elegant simplicity.
  • Kansas City GFRC: Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, Missouri
    Summary: Using GFRC and GFRG, Stromberg created columns, surrounds, sills, wall caps, and panels to improve the aesthetic appeal of this 140,000 square-foot dining, entertainment, and gaming space.

We Have Dozens of GFRC Elements For Your GFRC Missouri Project:

  • GFRC columns–choose from ionic, composite, Greek Corinthian, Roman Corinthian, Greek Doric, and custom columns
  • GFRC fountains and pools
  • GFRC domes and cupolas
  • GFRC wall caps and window surrounds
  • And many more gorgeous and durable elements

Why Work With Stromberg to Complete Your GFRC Missouri Project?

  • More than 1,600 successful GFRC projects and counting
  • A wide range of styles, including Modern, Colonial, Beaux Arts, and Federal
  • World’s largest capacity and selection of GFRC elements
  • Free initial consultations and complimentary estimate

We Can Provide Local GFRC Service Wherever You Are Located in Missouri:

Kansas City GFRC, Saint Louis GFRC, Springfield GFRC, Independence GFRC, Columbia GFRC, Saint Joseph GFRC, Lee’s Summit GFRC, Saint Charles GFRC, Saint Peters GFRC, Florissant GFRC, and all other Missouri cities and towns.

Visit the Stromberg Architectural website to view our complete GFRC shop, which includes GFRC specifications and information about our services and our diverse selection of GFRC elements. To arrange a free consultation or get answers to your GFRC questions from a knowledgeable representative, call us at (903) 454-0904 or send us an email at [email protected].

Ohio GFRC Projects

Ohio GFRC Projects

Ohio Area GFRC: St. Peter Church, Canton, Ohio

With more than 60 National Historic Landmarks–including the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus and the 47-story Art Deco LeVeque Tower–Ohio is home to shining examples of an array of architectural styles, from Greek Revival to Gothic. Those in charge of renovating or overseeing the creation of new elements for Ohio churches, restaurants, hospitals, and other structures have chosen GFRC elements by Stromberg for more than two decades.

Featured Ohio GFRC Projects

  • Canton GFRC: St. Peter Church, Canton, Ohio
    Summary: Extensive renovation with GFRC–The Stromberg team designed and manufactured more than 3,000 custom pieces of GFRC for this project, including a seven-foot GFRC rose window. Each piece was crafted to seamlessly match the color and texture of the original structure.
  • Youngstown GFRC: Seventh District Court of Appeals, Youngstown, OH
    GFRC Elements: Majestic GFRC columns
    Lyndhurst GFRC: Atrias Restaurant, Lyndhurst, Ohio
    GFRC Elements: GFRC pilasters and GFRC half columns
  • Westlake GFRC: Chico’s, Westlake, OH
    GFRC Elements: GFRC molding and GFRC panels
  • Cincinnati GFRC: Restoration Hardware, Cincinnati, OH
    GFRC Elements: GFRC columns
  • Brooklyn GFRC: Staples, Brooklyn, Ohio
    GFRC Elements: GFRC pilasters
  • Dublin GFRC: Embassy Suites, Dublin, OH
  • Westerville GFRC: Liebert Learning Center, Westerville, Ohio
  • Cleveland GFRC: St. Vincent’s Charity Hospital
  • Lebanon GFRC: Wal-Mart, Lebanon, OH

Local GFRC Ohio Services

  • 3-D renderings, mock-ups, and models
  • GFRC connection details and drawings
  • Custom GFRC molds and finishes
  • Packaging and GFRC shipping
  • Other services to simplify the GFRC design, manufacturing, and installation process

GFRC Advantages Over Traditional Concrete

  • GFRC elements weigh a fraction of ones made with precast
  • The glass fiber reinforcement means there is no metal to rust or corrode
  • A practically endless number of GFRC shapes, textures, and sizes

Stromberg Offers a World of Local GFRC Options for Contractors, Designers, Engineers, and Other Professionals:

Columbus GFRC, Cleveland gfrc, Cincinnati GFRC, Toledo GFRC, Akron GFRC, Dayton gfrc, Parma GFRC, Youngstown GFRC, Canton GFRC, Lorain GFRC, and more.

The Stromberg Architectural website contains numerous resources to make the GFRC shopping process straightforward and stress-free. To speak with a professional about your GFRC design needs or arrange a free initial consultation, call us at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to [email protected].

Indiana GFRC Projects

Indiana Area GFRC Projects

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Staples, Brooklyn, Ohio

If you’re searching for local GFRC service in Indiana, Stromberg Architectural is here to help. Our Midwest GFRC projects have included restoration and new construction work for banks, retail stores, churches, courthouses, and restaurants. We have a knowledge of traditional and more modern architectural styles, so we can assist with a wide array of GFRC Indiana projects. Whether you need a GFRC dome for a massive sporting arena in Indiana or are overseeing a renovation of a historic cathedral in Vincennes, we can probably meet your needs.

Indiana GFRC Projects

  • Schererville GFRC: American Savings Bank, Schererville, IN
  • Portage GFRC: Ameriplex at the Port, Portage, IN
  • Muncie GFRC: Books-A-Million, Muncie, IN

Local GFRC Indiana Services

Our GFRC Indiana services can be tailored to meet the needs of designers, landscapers, engineers, contractors, and architects. In addition to providing assistance with GFRC design and specifications, GFRC manufacturing, GFRC shipping, and even GFRC installation in some cases, we also specialize in producing custom Indiana GFRC elements. Provide us with the following information and we will work with you to create a memorable and one-of-a-kind finished product:

  • The shape, texture, and color you want for your Indiana GFRC
  • Your GFRC Indiana budget
  • The production schedule for your GFRC Indiana project
  • Your vision–we can work with everything from detailed computer-generated drawings, to photographs, to rough sketches

Why Consider GFRC as an Alternative to Cast Stone?

  • There are a wide array of GFRC applications–from GFRC planters to GFRC columns, this material is a superb choice when you want versatility and strength
  • In a cast stone versus GFRC comparison, one noticeable difference between these two materials is their weight–lightweight GFRC can simplify both transport and installation
  • GFRC is reinforced with glass fibers–not steel–so rusting and corrosion will not occur

Stromberg Serves Clients in All Areas of Indiana:

Indianapolis GFRC, Fort Wayne GFRC, Evansville GFRC, South Bend GFRC, Gary GFRC, Hammond GFRC, Bloomington GFRC, Muncie GFRC, Anderson GFRC, Terre Haute GFRC, and many other Indiana cities and towns.

Stromberg Architectural has the largest selection and the largest capacity of all manufacturers who sell GFRC. Visit us online to learn more about our GFRC projects and how we can help you meet your GFRC design goals on time and within budget.