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Alabama GFRC Projects

Alabama GFRC Projects

Alabama GFRC Projects: Alabama School, Mobile, AL

Featured Alabama GFRC Projects

  • Mobile GFRC: Alabama School, Mobile, Alabama
    GFRC Elements Crafted by Stromberg: GFRC columns
    For this new construction project, Stromberg Architectural supplied one of our mainstay products–GFRC columns–in six different sizes. Our GFRC columns were used to complete the design of the Ann Smith Bedsole Building, an expansive structure that includes a library, classrooms, a games room, and more.
  • Birmingham GFRC: St. Mark the Evangelist Church, Birmingham, AL
    GFRC Elements Crafted by Stromberg: Arches, rosettes, column capitals, bases
    Stromberg helped construct this brand new place of worship in 2003. Using GFRC and GFRG–another of our advanced composites–Stromberg created massive arches for the ceiling of the church, rosettes, and columns complete with capitals and bases. Finally, Stromberg painstakingly crafted a rose window to let in the light and compliment the other design elements of this Gothic style church.
  • Tuscaloosa GFRC: Coleman Coliseum
    GFRC Elements Crafted by Stromberg: GFRC cornice, GFRC panels
    Sturdy and gorgeous GFRC cornice by Stromberg lines the top of this popular sports coliseum. Durable GFRC panels constructed by our team of production professionals adorn the front of the building, which prominently displays the signature logo of the University of Alabama.

Why Choose Stromberg as Your Partner for Your GFRC Alabama Project?

  • A history of completing GFRC projects for churches and schools in the state of Alabama
  • An excellent track record of customer satisfaction–the vast majority of our business is repeat business
  • More than 1,600 successful projects for private homes, government buildings, hospitals, retail stores, and more
  • The largest GFRC selection and the largest capacity in the industry

Stromberg Offers Local GFRC Service to All Areas of Alabama:

Birmingham GFRC, Montgomery GFRC, Mobile GFRC, Huntsville GFRC, Tuscaloosa GFRC, Hoover GFRC, Dothan GFRC, Decatur GFRC, Auburn GFRC, Gadsden GFRC, and all other large and small areas of Alabama.

The Stromberg Architectural website is an excellent starting point if you’re searching for affordable GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) that offers excellent design versatility. If you’re interested in learning more after viewing the GFRC resources on our site, contact us at (903) 454-0904 or [email protected] to arrange a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable representative.

Tennessee GFRC Projects

Tennessee GFRC Projects

Tennessee GFRC Projects: Howard Baker Courthouse, Knoxville, TN

Featured Tennessee GFRC Projects

  • Memphis GFRC: Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis, TN
    Elements Created by Stromberg: GFRC columns
    Project Summary:
    With its stately white columns and brick facade, this Memphis building is a classic southern church. It originally opened in 1939, so it’s not surprising that by 1990 some elements were in need of renovation. Stromberg supplied GFRC columns with intricately-detailed caps to replace the ones that were starting to show their age.
  • Knoxville GFRC: Howard Baker Courthouse, Knoxville, TN
    Elements Created by Stromberg: GFRC columns, GFRC cornice
    Project Summary: GFRC columns by Stromberg can be found surrounding the clock tower of this building, as well as around the simple front entryway. During this renovation project, Stromberg also manufactured GFRC cornice to add variety and visual appeal to the entire exterior.
  • Nashville GFRC: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
    Elements Created by Stromberg: GFRC columns, GFRC cornice, GFRC pilasters
    Project Summary:
    During this renovation project, Stromberg crafted GFRC columns, GFRC cornice, and GFRC pilasters for a residence hall that is part of the prestigious Vanderbilt University. These new elements were installed without detracting from the building’s historic appeal.

Key Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Advantages

  • GFRC elements can be used outdoors in areas that receive salt spray and acid rain
  • GFRC elements have stood up to category 5 hurricanes, and have been lab tested for excessive wind speeds
  • GFRC weighs a fraction of traditional precast concrete
  • GFRC offers more design options compared to traditional concrete–dramatic curves, textures, and shapes are all possible

Local GFRC Service is Available Throughout the State of Tennessee:

Memphis GFRC, Nashville GFRC, Knoxville GFRC, Chattanooga GFRC, Clarksville GFRC, Murfreesboro GFRC, Jackson GFRC, Johnson City GFRC, Kingsport GFRC, Hendersonville GFRC, and all other Tennessee towns and cities.

Choosing the right GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) supplier is never an easy decision. To make finding your best source of affordable GFRC for GFRC planters or GFRC columns easier, Stromberg Architectural offers free initial consultations and free estimates to all potential clients.

Call us at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to [email protected] to set up a no-obligation meeting with a knowledgeable representative.

California GFRC Projects

California GFRC Projects

GFRC California Projects: Shalimar, San Jose, California

Featured California GFRC Projects

  • Hayward GFRC: Hayward Fire Station, Hayward, California
  • San Diego GFRC: University of California San Diego, San Diego, California; St. Michael’s Parish, San Diego, CA
  • San Jose GFRC: San Jose State University, San Jose, California
    To meet the design and construction challenges posed by this project, Stromberg relied on GFRC, GFRP, and architectural concrete. The final result was a set of three custom-designed spires and a spire base that now sit atop one of the campus’s most impressive buildings.
  • San Jose GFRC: Shalimar, San Jose, California
    Summary: While many of our GFRC projects involve designing and manufacturing elements for hospitality establishments and retail stores, we created a dream home during the Shalimar project. Inspired by the gorgeous and highly original architecture of “old India,” Shalimar features GFRC wall caps, as well as medallions, niches, rosettes, 120 feet of crown molding, and dozens of jali screens.

Why Use GFRC for Your New Construction or Renovation Project in California?

  • GFRC is made of minerals and will not burn
  • GFRC has a higher tensile strength than steel
  • GFRC weighs significantly less than concrete reinforced with steel, which simplifies GFRC shipping and GFRC installation

Stromberg Can Handle GFRC Projects of Any Size and Scope

  • 100,000 square feet of production space
  • A team of artisans, designers, and GFRC production professionals
  • Dozens of GFRC elements, from simple GFRC wall caps to massive GFRC columns
  • More than 1,600 successful projects

Get Personalized, Local GFRC Service Wherever You Are in California:

Los Angeles GFRC, San Diego GFRC, San Jose GFRC, San Francisco GFRC, Long Beach GFRC, Fresno GFRC, Sacramento GFRC, Oakland GFRC, Santa Ana GFRC, Anaheim GFRC, and all other towns and cities in California.

Find out more about Stromberg‘s GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) prices and our services–which include assistance specifying GFRC and detailing GFRC–during a free initial consultation. To arrange a meeting with a knowledgeable representative or to get answers to your GFRC questions, contact us by phone at (903) 454-0904, or send an email to [email protected].

Washington GFRC Projects

Washington GFRC Projects

Washington GFRC Projects: Walla Walla University, Walla Walla, Washington

Named after the first president of the United States, the state of Washington shares its name with America’s capital city. The Seattle Space Needle, the Washington State Capitol building, the Washington Mutual Tower, and the Smith Tower are just a few remarkable buildings in the state that exemplify the diversity of architectural styles found here.

With our knowledge of various styles and our ability to assist with both new construction and renovation projects, Stromberg Architectural is an excellent choice for those searching for affordable GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) that will stand up to indoor and outdoor use.

Featured Washington GFRC Projects

  • Walla Walla GFRC: Walla Walla University, Walla Walla, Washington
    Summary: During this Washington GFRC project completed in 2006, Stromberg crafted GFRC columns and GFRC cornice for the university’s new administration building. The GFRC columns set the entryway apart from the rest of the structure, while the GFRC cornice adds visual variety to the brick facade.
  • Bremerton GFRC: Bremerton Parking Garage, Bremerton, WA
    Summary: For this five-story parking garage, Stromberg crafted 166 custom GFRC capitals, as well as GFRC columns, GFRC bases, and GFRC column caps. Parking garages are not typically viewed as aesthetically appealing, but this project showed that these structures can be both functional and eye catching.

Why Do Those Looking for GFRC for Architects and GFRC for Contractors Choose Stromberg?

  • Decades of experience completing large and small GFRC projects on time and within budget
  • Knowledge of many architectural styles, including Federal, Beaux Arts, and Art Deco
  • Durable GFRC elements that can withstand severe weather and environments with salt spray and acid rain
  • A commitment to quality and outstanding customer service

Stromberg Offers Local GFRC Service to All Regions in Washington State:

Seattle GFRC, Spokane GFRC, Tacoma GFRC, Vancouver GFRC, Bellevue GFRC, Everett GFRC, Federal Way GFRC, Kent GFRC, Yakima GFRC, Bellingham GFRC, and all other areas in Washington.

Whether you’re considering GFRC as an alternative to cast stone or searching for a GFRC shop that offers excellent selection, the Stromberg Architectural website contains useful information that can help you in the GFRC selection process.

To obtain a free estimate or arrange a complimentary initial consultation, contact us at (903) 454-0904 or [email protected].

Mississippi GFRC Projects

Mississippi GFRC Projects

Mississippi Area GFRC Projects: Cinemark, Gulfport, Mississippi

Mississippi’s rich history and fascinating culture are reflected in the architecture constructed here during the 19th and 20th centuries. Just some of the architectural styles that have been popular throughout Mississippi’s history include Vernacular, Federal, Greek Revival, Craftsman, Art Deco, and Art Moderne. As new structures continue to be erected, there is also a move to preserve the historic buildings of Mississippi. Stromberg can help meet both needs with our new construction and GFRC renovation/restoration services.

Featured Mississippi GFRC Projects

  • Gulfport GFRC: Cinemark, Gulfport, Mississippi
    Summary: For this theater with 16 screens, Stromberg Architectural designed and manufactured GFRC columns. We also custom crafted GFRC column capitals with an exciting and unexpected feature: intricately detailed happy and sad drama masks to accompany the already remarkable scroll work and cast-in lines and textures.
  • Flowood GFRC: BankFirst, Flowood, MS
  • Columbus GFRC: Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, Mississippi
  • Starkville GFRC: Colvard Student Union (University of Mississippi), Starkville, MS
  • Madison GFRC: One Madison, Madison, MS
  • Jackson GFRC: The University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi

Compare GFRC to Cut Stone and Precast Concrete

  • The savings you’ll achieve with affordable GFRC are even more significant when you factor in reduced shipping costs and simplified installation due to lower weights
  • GFRC weighs as much as 90 percent less than solid concrete
  • The number of possible GFRC finishes is practically unlimited–we can match any color or create a paintable finish
  • GFRC panels by Stromberg have been lab-tested for hurricane force winds–this level of durability is crucial in a state like Mississippi that often receives severe weather

Stromberg Serves All Regions of Mississippi. We Offer:

Jackson GFRC, Gulfport GFRC, Biloxi GFRC, GFRC Hattiesburg, Greenville GFRC, Meridian GFRC, Tupelo GFRC, Southaven GFRC, Vicksburg GFRC, Pascagoula GFRC, and local GFRC service to other Mississippi towns and cities.

The Stromberg Architectural website has many GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) ideas that might give you inspiration for an upcoming project or help you finalize your decision about which GFRC styles and elements will best suit your needs. We offer free initial consultations and free estimates, so you can contact us for GFRC help without any cost or obligation.

Georgia GFRC Projects

Georgia GFRC Projects

Georgia Area GFRC: Forsythe, Savannah, Georgia

Known for its peaches and its world famous southern hospitality, Georgia is also where you’ll find landmarks dating back to the Civil War and the skyscraper-dotted skyline of bustling downtown Atlanta. Stromberg Architectural has a long list of successful Georgia GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) projects, ones that required us to apply our knowledge of both historical and ultra-modern architectural styles.

Featured GFRC Georgia Projects

  • Atlanta GFRC: Clark Atlantic University, Atlanta, GA
    Summary: During this renovation project, Stromberg crafted GFRC columns that featured a simple square shape. These GFRC columns mark the entryway of the expansive campus building, and also provide a minimalistic yet sophisticated finishing touch.
  • Savannah GFRC: Forsythe, Savannah, Georgia
    Summary: We used our advanced molding process to create pieces that were an exact match for this historic Victorian mansion that is now a four-star Georgia hotel. GFRC columns, GFRC balustrade, and GFRC trim were all elements manufactured by the Stromberg team during this large GFRC renovation project.
  • Lawrenceville GFRC: Aurora Theater, Lawrenceville, GA; Medieval Times, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • GFRC Dawson: Dawson County Library, Dawson, Georgia
  • Milledgeville GFRC: George State College and University, Milledgeville, GA

Key Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Benefits

  • Affordable GFRC can seamlessly replicate the appearance of costlier materials, including limestone and terra cotta
  • Can be cast into an almost limitless array of shapes and textures for beautiful GFRC columns, GFRC planters, and many other large elements and accent pieces
  • The mineral composition of GFRC makes it fire-resistant and friendly to the environment

Get Local GFRC Service Anywhere in the State of Georgia:

Atlanta GFRC, Augusta GFRC, Columbus GFRC, Savannah GFRC, Athens GFRC, Macon GFRC, Sandy Springs GFRC, Roswell GFRC, Albany GFRC, Marietta GFRC, and dozens of other cities and towns in the state of Georgia.

If you are in the process of selecting GFRC for an upcoming project in Georgia, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. Here you will find many GFRC photos and GFRC designs to get you started. When you are ready to take the next step, contact us at (903) 454-0904 or [email protected] to arrange a complimentary initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Maryland GFRC Projects

Maryland GFRC Projects

Maryland Area GFRC Projects: 750 E. Pratt, Baltimore, Maryland

Georgian, Colonial, Neoclassical, Modern, and Vernacular are just some of the architectural styles you’ll find in the great American state known as Maryland. Stromberg has used our knowledge of various architectural styles and our versatile and durable GFRC to complete work for office buildings, schools, luxurious condominiums, and other structures in the Chesapeake Bay State.

Featured Maryland GFRC Projects

  • Baltimore GFRC: 750 E. Pratt, Baltimore, MD; Spinnaker Bay, Baltimore, Maryland
    Summary: For 750 E. Pratt, a prestigious commercial building, Stromberg crafted a series of GFRC columns to support the roof’s crown.
    For the Spinnaker Bay building, Stromberg manufactured and installed GFRC cornice and GFRC paneling that was finished to replicate the appearance of marble. Although the GFRC cornice was six feet tall, the lightweight nature of GFRC allowed it to be installed relatively quickly and efficiently, without subjecting the structure to excessive loads.
  • Bethesda GFRC: Lionsgate Condominiums, Bethesda, MD; Nuclear Regulatory Commission Headquarters, Bethesda, Maryland
  • Annapolis GFRC: St. John’s College, Annapolis, Maryland
  • Leonardtown GFRC: Smartronix Headquarters, Leonardtown, Maryland

Elements for Your Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Maryland Project

  • GFRC cladding panels
  • GFRC chimney caps
  • GFRC domes
  • GFRC columns
  • Many other GFRC elements, as well as a practically unlimited number of custom GFRC options

Why Choose Stromberg Over Other GFRC Manufacturers for Your Maryland Renovation or New Construction Project?

  • Our continued success hinges on exceeding customers’ expectations and securing repeat business
  • Our team has completed a number of successful projects in various regions of Maryland
  • Comprehensive support, from free GFRC estimates, to assistance with GFRC specifications, to production, to GFRC shipping
  • The largest selection of GFRC elements and GFRC designs anywhere, and the largest capacity of any manufacturer

Stromberg Serves All Maryland Cities and Townships:

Baltimore GFRC, Columbia GFRC, Silver Spring GFRC, Dundalk GFRC, Wheaton GFRC, Ellicott City GFRC, Germantown GFRC, Bethesda GFRC, Frederick GFRC, Gaithersburg GFRC, and all other Maryland areas.

For GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) information that can help you decide if Stromberg is the right company to help you complete your Maryland GFRC project, visit the Stromberg Architectural website. To arrange a free initial consultation or to get information about GFRC pricing, call us at 903-454-0904, or send an email to [email protected].

Nevada GFRC Projects

Nevada GFRC Projects

Nevada Area Projects by Stromberg: The Mirage Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

The state of Nevada is where you’ll find Las Vegas, the one and only “sin city.” This glittering jewel in the Nevada desert is where people flock when they want to gamble, see amazing shows, and simply let loose. Las Vegas tourists expect to be dazzled, so everything–from the service to the architecture of the fabulous resorts–has to be perfect. When those in charge of creating themed elements for the legendary Mirage Resort and Caesar’s Palace needed products that would deliver that Las Vegas wow factor, they trusted Stromberg to get the job done right.

Featured Nevada GFRC Projects

Not surprisingly, many of our featured GFRC Nevada projects are Las Vegas GFRC projects. A few of our GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Las Vegas clients and commissions are:

  • Caesar’s Palace: Using GFRC and other advanced composites, Stromberg created Roman-style GFRC sculptures, grand GFRC fountains, and world’s largest columns and pilasters.
  • The Fendi Store: The goods in this store don’t come cheap, so customers need to feel like they’re shopping in a place that’s a cut above the rest. For this upscale retail location, Stromberg created an elegant GFRC storefront boasting GFRC Roman Corinthian columns with elegant GFRC capitals and GFRC molding.
  • The Orleans Casino: To update the look of this premiere Las Vegas casino, Stromberg designed and reproduced a flawless GFRC sculpture of a lion’s head, as well as GFRC  columns, gfrc keystones, and GFRC arches.
  • Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Nevada Applications

  • Themed GFRC elements for Las Vegas casinos
  • GFRC for storefronts
  • GFRC for renovation and restoration projects
  • GFRC for hotels and other hospitality establishments

Stromberg Provides Local GFRC Service to All Nevada Areas:

Las Vegas GFRC, Paradise GFRC, Reno GFRC, Henderson GFRC, Sunrise Manor GFRC, Spring Valley GFRC, North Las Vegas GFRC, Sparks GFRC, Carson City GFRC, Winchester GFRC and more.

Visit the Stromberg Architectural website to find out more about our past GFRC Nevada projects and learn how we can help you make any GFRC project in the state of Nevada a success. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your project (including your GFRC budget), call us at (903) 454-0904 or fill out the form on our contact page.

District of Columbia GFRC Projects

District of Columbia Area GFRC Projects

District of Columbia Area GFRC Projects: Prettyman Courthouse, Washington, DC

Stromberg’s list of DC GFRC commissions includes one of the most recognizable buildings in the entire world: the White House. In our nation’s capital, we’ve also completed work for the Smithsonian and the Prettyman Courthouse, which is included in the U.S.’s National Registry of Historic Places. If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable GFRC in Washington, DC, Stromberg offers the GFRC selection and the comprehensive support you need.

District of Columbia Area Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Services by Stromberg

Stromberg’s GFRC DC services can be divided into three broad categories: GFRC manufacturing, custom GFRC creation, and GFRC renovation/restoration work. If you’re searching for GFRC balustrade, GFRC fountains and pools, or GFRC cornice for a hotel, museum, or government building, we may have a stock design in our gallery that’s just right. If not, our designers can work with you to create custom GFRC elements. We can make subtle changes to a piece in our GFRC gallery or design an entirely original GFRC sculpture or GFRC fireplace based on your instructions.

It’s no secret that DC is full of historic buildings and monuments, some of which date back to the time when our founding fathers created our great country. Stromberg can help preserve the beauty and history of these important structures using GFRC. We can replicate a wide array of materials–including terra cotta and limestone–to make seamless repairs. The versatility of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) and its low weight means there are few materials better than GFRC for restoring structures and facades made from traditional concrete or stone.

Stromberg Architectural Can Expertly Meet Your District of Columbia GFRC Needs

Whether you’re searching for GFRC for architects or GFRC for contractors, why not choose the company that was selected to work on the president’s own home? No other company in the world can rival our GFRC selection or our capacity, and our team of designers, artisans, and GFRC production professionals will ensure every last detail of your project is perfect.

The Stromberg Architectural website contains plenty of GFRC resources that can help you if you’re looking to buy GFRC today or are just starting to compare GFRC products offered by different manufacturers. If you’d like to speak with a knowledgeable representative one on one, contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

Oklahoma GFRC Projects

Oklahoma Area GFRC Projects

Oklahoma Area GFRC Projects: Winstar World Casino, Thackerville, Oklahoma

Vast expanses of prairie grasslands and herds of American bison are probably what many people picture when they think of Oklahoma, but this southern U.S. state is so much more. “The Sooner State” is home to several institutions of higher learning, an amazing casino that boasts a replica of Big Ben and the Roman Colosseum, and bustling metropolitan areas with dazzling storefronts and towers. Stromberg is proud to include several high-profile buildings on our list of Oklahoma GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) projects.

Featured GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Oklahoma Projects

  • Thackerville GFRC: Winstar World Casino, Thackerville, Oklahoma
    Stromberg used GFRC and other advanced composites to create an awe-inspiring tribute to some of the greatest architectural masterpieces ever built, including the castles of Europe and the Pantheon. Visitors who step inside this world-class gaming establishment can take a walk through New York, Egypt, or Vienna without leaving Thackerville, Oklahoma.
  • GFRC Oklahoma City: Emergency Communications Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Stromberg products: GFRC cornice and custom GFRC fascia panels
  • Midwest City GFRC: Rose State College, Midwest City, Oklahoma
    Stromberg products: GFRC panels and GFRC columns
  • GFRC Durant: Choctaw Casinos, Durant, Oklahoma

Why Are So Many Masons, Designers, Architects, and Contractors Choosing GFRC?

  • GFRC is made of natural substances, so it’s a greener choice than many other materials
  • GFRC weighs a fraction of traditional concrete, which can simplify GFRC installation and reduce the costs associated with shipping GFRC
  • Few materials can rival the design versatility of GFRC–wow your customers with an endless array of colors, shapes, and textures

Looking for Local GFRC Service in Oklahoma? Stromberg Offers:

Oklahoma City GFRC, Tulsa GFRC, Norman GFRC, Lawton GFRC, Broken Arrow GFRC, Edmond GFRC, Midwest City GFRC, Enid GFRC, Moore GFRC, Stillwater GFRC, and more.

The Stromberg Architectural website contains plenty of helpful information to help you make an informed purchasing decision, whether you’re looking for information about shipping GFRC or just need help selecting GFRC that will be perfect for a new construction or restoration project. To speak directly with a representative, call us at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to [email protected].