Tennessee GFRC Projects

Tennessee GFRC Projects

Tennessee GFRC Projects: Howard Baker Courthouse, Knoxville, TN

Featured Tennessee GFRC Projects

  • Memphis GFRC: Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis, TN
    Elements Created by Stromberg: GFRC columns
    Project Summary:
    With its stately white columns and brick facade, this Memphis building is a classic southern church. It originally opened in 1939, so it’s not surprising that by 1990 some elements were in need of renovation. Stromberg supplied GFRC columns with intricately-detailed caps to replace the ones that were starting to show their age.
  • Knoxville GFRC: Howard Baker Courthouse, Knoxville, TN
    Elements Created by Stromberg: GFRC columns, GFRC cornice
    Project Summary: GFRC columns by Stromberg can be found surrounding the clock tower of this building, as well as around the simple front entryway. During this renovation project, Stromberg also manufactured GFRC cornice to add variety and visual appeal to the entire exterior.
  • Nashville GFRC: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
    Elements Created by Stromberg: GFRC columns, GFRC cornice, GFRC pilasters
    Project Summary:
    During this renovation project, Stromberg crafted GFRC columns, GFRC cornice, and GFRC pilasters for a residence hall that is part of the prestigious Vanderbilt University. These new elements were installed without detracting from the building’s historic appeal.

Key Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Advantages

  • GFRC elements can be used outdoors in areas that receive salt spray and acid rain
  • GFRC elements have stood up to category 5 hurricanes, and have been lab tested for excessive wind speeds
  • GFRC weighs a fraction of traditional precast concrete
  • GFRC offers more design options compared to traditional concrete–dramatic curves, textures, and shapes are all possible

Local GFRC Service is Available Throughout the State of Tennessee:

Memphis GFRC, Nashville GFRC, Knoxville GFRC, Chattanooga GFRC, Clarksville GFRC, Murfreesboro GFRC, Jackson GFRC, Johnson City GFRC, Kingsport GFRC, Hendersonville GFRC, and all other Tennessee towns and cities.

Choosing the right GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) supplier is never an easy decision. To make finding your best source of affordable GFRC for GFRC planters or GFRC columns easier, Stromberg Architectural offers free initial consultations and free estimates to all potential clients.

Call us at (903) 454-0904 or send an email to info@strombergarchitectural.com to set up a no-obligation meeting with a knowledgeable representative.

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