Indiana GFRC Projects

Indiana Area GFRC Projects

Midwest Area GFRC Projects: Staples, Brooklyn, Ohio

If you’re searching for local GFRC service in Indiana, Stromberg Architectural is here to help. Our Midwest GFRC projects have included restoration and new construction work for banks, retail stores, churches, courthouses, and restaurants. We have a knowledge of traditional and more modern architectural styles, so we can assist with a wide array of GFRC Indiana projects. Whether you need a GFRC dome for a massive sporting arena in Indiana or are overseeing a renovation of a historic cathedral in Vincennes, we can probably meet your needs.

Indiana GFRC Projects

  • Schererville GFRC: American Savings Bank, Schererville, IN
  • Portage GFRC: Ameriplex at the Port, Portage, IN
  • Muncie GFRC: Books-A-Million, Muncie, IN

Local GFRC Indiana Services

Our GFRC Indiana services can be tailored to meet the needs of designers, landscapers, engineers, contractors, and architects. In addition to providing assistance with GFRC design and specifications, GFRC manufacturing, GFRC shipping, and even GFRC installation in some cases, we also specialize in producing custom Indiana GFRC elements. Provide us with the following information and we will work with you to create a memorable and one-of-a-kind finished product:

  • The shape, texture, and color you want for your Indiana GFRC
  • Your GFRC Indiana budget
  • The production schedule for your GFRC Indiana project
  • Your vision–we can work with everything from detailed computer-generated drawings, to photographs, to rough sketches

Why Consider GFRC as an Alternative to Cast Stone?

  • There are a wide array of GFRC applications–from GFRC planters to GFRC columns, this material is a superb choice when you want versatility and strength
  • In a cast stone versus GFRC comparison, one noticeable difference between these two materials is their weight–lightweight GFRC can simplify both transport and installation
  • GFRC is reinforced with glass fibers–not steel–so rusting and corrosion will not occur

Stromberg Serves Clients in All Areas of Indiana:

Indianapolis GFRC, Fort Wayne GFRC, Evansville GFRC, South Bend GFRC, Gary GFRC, Hammond GFRC, Bloomington GFRC, Muncie GFRC, Anderson GFRC, Terre Haute GFRC, and many other Indiana cities and towns.

Stromberg Architectural has the largest selection and the largest capacity of all manufacturers who sell GFRC. Visit us online to learn more about our GFRC projects and how we can help you meet your GFRC design goals on time and within budget.

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