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New Haven GFRC Renovation at Pierce Laboratory

New Haven GFRC Renovation at the Pierce Laboratory

New Haven GFRC Renovation at Pierce Laboratory

Founded in 1933, this Yale affiliated research institute specializes in cardiovascular biology, circulation, energy metabolism and sensory neuroscience, but in 1992, it was in dire need of renovation. Enter Stromberg Architectural, a Texas based architectural firm that specializes in glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC. GFRC is a light-weight and versatile building material, which was perfect for new, long lasting renovations that were in aesthetic keeping with the original building.

GFRC Renovation by Stromberg

Stromberg is your one stop shop for GFRC architectural elements, and the Pierce Laboratory in New Haven is a great example of the diversity of their GFRC products. Stromberg supplied cornice molding, urns, threshold, wall cap, pier cap, coping, panels, keystones, a chimney cap, sills, fascia and heads. Nearly all of Stromberg’s GFRC products arrived at the site pre-fabricated and ready to install, making the renovation quick and easy.

Preserve your Style with Stromberg GFRC Products

One of the most impressive strengths of the master craftsmen at Stromberg Architectural is their ability to fabricate GFRC products perfectly to specification. Their mastery of the material, years of expertise and use of advanced software, like CAD, means that they can create custom architectural elements that work perfectly with any style of building. Their New Haven GFRC renovation project at the Pierce Laboratory represents strong evidence of this skill since it is nearly impossible to differentiate the original architecture from what was added by Stromberg in 1992.

Features and Benefits of GFRC

  • GFRC is lighter than concrete.
  • GFRC is significantly more resistant to erosion than concrete.
  • GFRC is more resistant to concussive force, making it less likely to chip if struck.
  • GFRC can endure extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Providing GFRC to all of Connecticut and New England

New Haven GFRC, Hartford GFRC, Bridgeport GFRC, Stamford GFRC, Waterbury GFRC, Norwalk GFRC, Boston GFRC, Providence GFRC.

For More Information on GFRC

For more information on GFRC, visit Stromberg Architectural Products. The experts at Stromberg will help you make your GFRC project a success. They offer design assistance, specifications, and CAD details. If you have questions about Stromberg GFRC, the initial consultation is free. Call  (903) 454-0904 for more information.