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GFRC Brickwork at Time Square Hershey Store

Authentic Brickwork in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Authentic Looking GFRC Bricks at the Hershey Store in Times Square.

Located in one of the busiest and most famous commercial centers in the world, the Hershey’s store in Times Square has a quiet secret. The stressed, authentic brickwork is not actually made from bricks! Rather, it is made from a unique building material called GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete).

Project Challenges and the Stromberg Solution

In 2002, the architects who designed the Hershey’s store in Times Square were faced with a design question: how do you make an authentic, early 20th century building without the problems inherent to early 20th century building materials? Traditional bricks, though sturdy, are difficult to work with, and have a tendency to disintegrate over time. Moreover, they are heavy and require an equally heavy-duty foundation. These are major impediments to building a lasting structure in Times Square, but Stromberg Architectural had a solution: GFRC. GFRC bricks are lightweight, high impact, and will not swell, disintegrate or rot over time. However, despite these modern conveniences, they can be designed and installed to be a perfect facsimile to the real thing.

Authentic Brick Masonry in GFRC Costs Less

Traditional brick masonry is a complex, multi-staged process that requires expert bricklayers. Due to the specialized nature of the task, brick masonry can get expensive, quick. Not only is it expensive, but it is a timing sensitive craft. The bricks have to be cemented at exactly the right time in suitable weather conditions. This extra element of timing coordination is a logistical nightmare for foremen when they are trying to organize their jobsite. Bricks in GFRC from Stromberg Architectural are easily installed under any conditions. They do not require specialists to install, and they do not require special timing or any other coordination. This convenience is a relief, not only for your planner, but also your checkbook.

The Many Benefits of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • GFRC constructs are water tight and will not leak or take on water.
  • Stromberg can custom-build a near perfect reproduction of any masonry from bricks to stones.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is weather resistant and will not rot or dissolve over time.

World Class Architecture from Stromberg

No matter what manner of architectural conundrum you might find yourself faced with, Stromberg Architectural Products has a solution. Our wide variety of GFRC and GFRP products provide a plethora of architectural solutions, and our first-rate artisans and craftsmen are standing by to take your custom order. So what are you waiting for? Contact Stromberg Architectural Products today, and get started with your own GFRC project.

Kentucky GFRC Projects

Kentucky Area GFRC Projects

South GFRC Projects: Stephen F. Austin University Student Center, Nacogdoches, Texas

The rugged land and hundreds of picturesque horse farms in the Bluegrass State (otherwise known as Kentucky) exist alongside a large number of historic landmarks and sites. In Frankfort alone, the Georgian, Greek Revival, Prairie School, and Federal styles are represented by buildings such as the Frankfort School, the Old Governor’s Mansion, and the Rev. Jesse R. Zeigler House.

Your Kentucky GFRC project might call for a partner that has a knowledge of one of the architectural styles mentioned above, and Stromberg meets this requirement and many others. Using our versatile GFRC, our proven design process, and our knowledge of modern and traditional architectural styles, we can make your GFRC Kentucky project a triumph for you and your client.

Featured Kentucy GFRC Projects

Stromberg’s notable Kentucky GFRC projects have involved completing work for a courthouse and the largest retail giant in the world. Other past clients and commissions include hospitals, office buildings, themed resorts, and private homes.

  • Carrollton GFRC: William L. Wheller Hall of Justice, Carrollton, Kentucky
  • Louisville GFRC: Wal-Mart, Louisville, KY

What You Need to Know About Stromberg if You Are Searching For a GFRC Manufacturer

  • Stromberg offers a number of services aside from GFRC manufacturing, including designing GFRC connection details and completing load to structure calculations
  • Stromberg has a proven track record of successful GFRC projects in Kentucky and many other locations worldwide–we’ve been in business for almost 30 years and have completed more than 1,600 projects and counting
  • By working directly with the manufacturer, you may be able to complete your GFRC Kentucky project for less than you expected
  • We have the largest capacity and offer the largest selection of GFRC of any manufacturer

Stromberg Architectural Offers Local GFRC Service to The Entire State of Kentucky:

Lexington GFRC, GFRC Louisville, Owensboro GFRC, Bowling Green gfrc, Covington GFRC, Hopkinsville GFRC, gfrc Frankfort, GFRC Henderson, Richmond GFRC, Jeffersontown GFRC, and more.

Visit the Stromberg Architectural website to access GFRC resources that can help you finalize your GFRC ideas for a project in Kentucky and learn more about how we can help make it a success. For answers to your GFRC questions or to arrange a free initial consultation, contact us. We can be reached by phone at (903)-454-0904 or through the contact page on our site.