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Memphis Tennessee GFRC Restoration

GFRC Restoration at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in Memphis

GFRC Restoration in Memphis, TN

GFRC Restoration in Memphis, TN

Built as a missionary chapel in 1939, the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in Memphis has contributed to the spirituality and community of worship in Memphis for over seven decades. However, in addition to a place of worship, the Church of the Holy Communion also shares its grounds with St. Mary’s Episcopal School, a nationally recognized college preparatory school for girls. Despite its solid foundations, in 1990, the church was undeniably due for a visual touch-up, so the good folks at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion contacted Texas-based Stromberg Architectural, one of the premier architectural restoration companies in the United States.

GFRC Restoration by Stromberg Architectural

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion has always featured beautiful white columns along the outside of the main building. These signature columns were in a sad state in 1990, but Stromberg knew exactly what to do. Building materials have come a long way since 1939, and Stromberg’s mastery of GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) is unrivaled. Due to the amazing versatility of GFRC and the world class craftsmanship at Stromberg, brand new, ornate columns were manufactured to perfectly complement the original architecture of the church while ensuring that the new columns would last for decades to come.

Custom GFRC Restoration is Built to Last

All GFRC products fabricated by Stromberg Architecture are significantly more durable, resilient and easy to maintain than the alternatives. GFRC is resistant to even the most hazardous environmental dangers such as hurricanes, acidic rain and extreme temperature fluctuation. GFRC will not rot, rust or delaminate over time. It will not erode like stone, concrete or brick and it will not crack like ceramics. No one can tell what the future holds, but one thing is certain, Stromberg GFRC will be there.

Key Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Advantages

  • GFRC elements can be used outdoors in areas that receive salt spray and acid rain
  • GFRC elements have stood up to category 5 hurricanes, and have been lab tested for excessive wind speeds
  • GFRC weighs a fraction of traditional precast concrete
  • GFRC offers more design options compared to traditional concrete–dramatic curves, textures, and shapes are all possible

Local GFRC Service is Available Throughout the State of Tennessee:

Memphis GFRC, Nashville GFRC, Knoxville GFRC, Chattanooga GFRC, Clarksville GFRC, Murfreesboro GFRC, Jackson GFRC, Johnson City GFRC, Kingsport GFRC, Hendersonville GFRC, and all other Tennessee towns and cities.

Choosing the right GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) supplier is never an easy decision. To make finding your best source of affordable GFRC for GFRC planters or GFRC columns easier, Stromberg Architectural offers free initial consultations and free estimates to all potential clients.

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